...over Albany, New York



RICHARD WRITES: "Here are some photos that I just took over Albany, New York this morning 6:00 A.M. I photographed these just as the sun was coming up.  We have been hit pretty hard around here.  I have been sick since last November with respiratory distress. Flu-like symptoms persist and flare up every few weeks for another episode.  The illness is totally debilitating and anti-biotics do not help at all. We have had major spraying in the area on the 5th, 8th, 9th, 10, 17th, 21st, of just this month alone. February was just as bad. The 10th of March was particularly bad. At one point, through binoculars, I saw THREE planes in formation leavin a particularly dense contrail.  Within about 10 minutes it had turned into a bright white cloud that looked like any other cloud, except that it was linear.

This has got to stop—one way or another.  Someone has got to start talking to us!"

NOTE: A second Albany resident wrote: "I just checked out your page and was shocked to see the "X" over Albany NY photo. I saw that particular contrail myself. As the day wore on, it became cloudy and ultimately began to rain.  When the rain first started, very lightly at first, I went out for a smoke and noticed what looked like old dried pine needles and a thick black goo covering both of my just washed cars. The "goo" was spotty and a bit oily. The rain shower turned into a massive steady downpour and continued all through the night, turning to snow at around 8am the next morning. A very unusual storm for these parts.  Just thought I'd add my story. I haven't gotten sick yet, but this flu-like thing is certainly here."