...over Atlanta, Georgia



DAVE WRITES: "I really don't want to incorporate this new contrail enigma into my already crowded paradigm. There's hardly any room left in there at all. But, as an airplane enthusiast, I noticed the unusual patterns a few months back. Didn't think much of it until I heard William Thomas on Art Bell. Chilling. These undeniable patterns are from yesterday morning (03/17/99) around 8:45AM, in North metro Atlanta, looking SSW. They consolidated into a general overall haze which lasted all day, as usual. I observed some of the aircraft with 21x binoculars, which appeared to be "normal" commercial-type Airbus's, B737's, etc. Two of them had red tails, and all seemed to be flying at about 20-25,000 feet. The oil film effect was evident with polarized glasses."