I'm just tossing this out there as a curious bit of news. There has been some speculation that chemtrails might have something to do with countermeasures against a bio-attack. So I've been watching the news for relevant items:

Article from L.A. Times,  April 26th:

"About 90 U.S. Navy personnel arrived on Australia's southeastern coast to help slaughter 1.5 million chickens to control the country's worst outbreak of animal disease. Chickens are being slaughtered on 30 farms in the Mangrove Mountain Ridge area to stop an epidemic of Newcastle disease, named for a nearby city. About 600 people are involved in the plan to protect Australia's billion-dollar poultry industry. The virus is not believed to pose a risk to humans."


MY QUESTION: why does Australia need the help of the US Navy (of all places) to kill chickens? Can't the Aussies kill their own poultry?

Any Australian readers out there with more info?

CURIOUS POINT: I bring all this up because I've received reports of chemtrails spotted in the exact region mentioned, (Newcastle) on April 7th. If there is a threat of terrorist bio-attack (or other viral outbreak) in populated areas, I would not expect governments to say as much. Instead, I'd expect them to downplay it with cover stories -- hence my interest in these kinds of events.

I also know there have been an awful lot of these kinds of news stories lately. Pigs, chickens, lots of animals being quickly slaughtered -- but we're always assured it "poses no risk to humans."

So why is the US Navy involved? What the heck do they know about chickens anyway?

Well, read this article by an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel on bio-monitoring via animals.