...over Brookings, Oregon

(March 16, 1999)


RESIDENT WRITES: "On March 16, 1999, 10:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. on first clear day of year, two jets began making large oval contrails which crossed to form X's. Contrails coalesced to occlude sky with haze, which lasted all day. Magnified photographs show each plane squirting two bands which formed one contrail as seen from the ground. Skin felt oily after spray, some noticed slight "sweetish" smell.

Citizens called police and Coast Guard, who say they can see nothing, even as the sky is being covered with contrails. We are a town of approximately 5,000, with basically no jets flying over. Newspaper editorial mocks "paranoid" concerns.

March 19, suspect spraying upwind to southwest out over Pacific Ocean. Sprays target population and unpolluted forest areas to east. Suspect spraying since November 1998, above continually overcast skies. Can hear them but not see them.

March 17, suspect spraying above "cloud" cover upwind to southeast.

March 4, 1999, two C-135 tankers, unmarked, gray, barely cleared coastal hill, dropped to 400 feet, tight nose to tail formation, and out to ocean (2 p.m.). Sighted again several days later. Many here also ill with "flu" off and on since November. Some freak "heart attack" symptoms in healthy younger individuals. In days following spraying, heard complaints of sore or burning throat, brain fog, lightheadedness, eyes burning, etc."