A commercial pilot and former Vietnam vet had this to say about the "chaff" story recently aired on a Florida news-station:


"Chaff my foot.

Common chaff is dropped in bursts, (clouds), not long lines and it's not delivered by tankers the way we're seeing the chemtrails. Further, the dispensing of chaff creates such a nasty radar blackout that the idea of doing it in the vicinity of a Terminal Control Area (major airport) is absolutely laughable. Such a drop would bring such great threat to the lives of the people in transit, flying in and out of the airport that I can guarantee you the FAA wouldn't permit it for a second, regardless of a military mandate. It would literally ground commercial aircraft flights as it slowly rained down into the population zones. It would close airports for hours!

Bear in mind that common chaff is supposed to divert the attention of a missile in flight. Quite often it takes the form of phosphorous and granulated aluminum or steel. It gives a false radar target and also ignites and burns very hotly in order to attract the attention of the infrared sensors in the missiles.

is obscuration chaff, but it's used in conjunction with high level bombing. It will obscure the aircraft above it, but stop and think about that and then read what I wrote above about dropping it over airports. The concept of using that over populated zones with major airports is absolutely ridiculous.

Besides, it's not a very slick use for obscuration chaff because as much as it blinds ground radar, it does the same to airborne radar too. It makes the idea of an AWACS a useless tool.

From a commercial aircraft point of view, I would be quite alarmed as the captain or 1st office of a commercial flight that passed through a concentration of chaff. The chip indicators on all engines would come on with their audio alarms, and cause a maintenance check on all engines when the aircraft grounded."