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As you'll see, the photos of chemtrails are just the tip of the iceberg. Many more people are seeing them, they just don't have the camera handy...

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J. writes: "I just saw your pics of NSW contrails. We had the same over our town (Pingelly West Australia) and Narrogin (next town) on April 7 as well. Pics are being developed. Will get them to you as soon as they get here. Guess what? Everyone had the sniffles two days later, like a cold coming on. And this nasal thing has continued to date, with an accompanying sore throat. Was done while the kids were at school, throughout the morning, so the kids were out in it. I was out taking the pics. Over Narrogin there was the usual "X" signature, but didn't see that here. I got outside after the planes had gone. Narrogin was too far away to take pics of. My guy was with me helping with the pics and he is now sick too. Doesn't develop into a full cold, but just a running nose and sore throat, like before a cold. After the trails, the clouds welled up and stayed that way for 2 days. Don't know how long the trails stayed in the sky...I saw them about 2 pm, and believe the planes had just recently left by looking at them."

C. writes: "[April 12] G'day! Read about the strange contrails and have been looking up at the sky since many in Australia have had the same unshakable flu-like upper respiratory symptoms. Outside the local shop yesterday watched with the shop owning couple as a white (not the usual airliner silver) high flying plane laid lingering contrails in a parallel pattern over Canberra (the capital city of Australia) in a clear blue sky in all directions.  About five minutes later there were cumulus clouds billowing clouds forming seemingly out of nowhere!  There was no wind to blow them in from anywhere.  They just seemed to grow from nothing filling the clear blue sky! Is it only USA, Canada and Australia that has these planes, contrails and this particular unshakable sore throat, constant cough, swollen neck lymph glands and sometimes stomach pain, fatiguing mystery flu?"



A. writes: "[April 12] Crosshatch contrail patterns are visible in the southwestern Toronto sky yet again. The jets releasing them are flying low, and contrails are lingering for hours. The first spraying took place on March 31st. After observing them I again got very sick with severe lymph node and throat swelling. I couldn't eat for days. A warning, DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS FOR THE SICKNESS, I fought off my sympotoms with Burdock root, Yarrow and Ginko Biloba tea, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit and Bio-K. Build your immune system, don't let them damage it through antibiotics. I'm ok (for now) but I don't plan on going outside and running around in this stuff.

Does anybody know what I can do locally to stop this? I called the airport authority with no success. Not very many people take me seriously when I talk about this, but we've got to turn the tide. They've chosen now to do something we all can see, now is the time to stand up and make some noise. P.S.- I noticed that any exposed blood, eg. scabs etc. will turn black on spray days."

D. writes: "I live in Balfour, B.C., Canada.Friday, April 2, I awoke to find crisscrossing trails in the sky.  Wave after wave of planes flew over in this pattern leaving wide trails in the sky that lingered for hours. Then the planes were gone for about 2 hours.  Then they appeared again in waves and with the same pattern.  This is too weird!!! This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.  Why would this happen here? There are very few people that live in this area!"



D. writes: "This morning [March 22] I was leaving my house to run errands.  As I was getting into my car I looked up and noticed a huge white "X" in the sky above the area where I live.  As I was driving on  interstate 65 towards Birmingham I noticed many, many of these huge white "X"s in sky (to numerous to count).  It seems as if all of Birmingham was covered with these X marks in the sky.  When I was returning from Birmingham and coming back over the mountain I also noticed planes in the sky over Shelby County making the huge X marks. Upon my return home I called a friend in Atlanta, Ga. to tell her of this strange happenings. At this time she informed me that the same exact thing was going on there as we spoke.  She and a friend were watching planes crisscrossing in the sky. They too thought it seemed quite strange."



M. writes: "I observed what appeared to be a chemtrail on 4/28 at 22:00(z) during a flight to Fairbanks Alaska.(FAI). Location of observer: Glows intersection on V438 7500ft

Estimated location of chemtrail: 60 to 70nm NW of Nenana (ENN). Estimated height and length of chemtrail: 10,000ft, 15 to 20nm

The atmosphere was not conducive to this observation as there were absolutely no status or cirrus clouds present. There was no dissipation observed that would be conducive a "normal" contrail. No traffic was observed at its location. Pattern was a straight line with no circle or X pattern. Winds aloft were 170-8kts. 

Became ill with mild flu like symptoms after flight."



P. writes: "[Little Rock, March 30] Yesterday about 5:45 CST. the X like trails appeared in the western sky way above the city right along 630 that is the main road to travel from downtown to the western part of town. I say a silvery plane laying the trails that went on to make a clear blue sky hazy just as the sun was going down. I've been following this oddity in the sky now for about 3 wks. and seeing the trails so big and blatant gave me quite a jolt."



J. writes: "The Contrail phenomena exists in Sedona, Arizona. I first noticed the contrails last May, when the skies over my house due to contrails became unnaturally overcast. I took pictures on May 3rd, 1998, and they can be found here: I have been paying close attention to this phenomena, and I have concluded that some of the contrails are in fact caused by normal airliner jets, since Sedona lies in the flight path of many inter-continental airliers.

However, I also believe there may be something suspicious taking place here, since the contrail phenomena can cause such DRASTIC changes in our skies. Sometimes our skies become entirely overcast. America's skies are being destroyed cosmetically, and possibly chemically."

R. writes: "My sister and I counted eleven comtrails over my house March 8. They were crossing each other and the whole sky was covered by a white haze from them all day long.  My sister is from Oklahoma and said she had never seen so many in her life.  They're up there so often here that the sky looks funny without them to me now!!!  I live in Bullhead City."       

D. writes: "I live in Prescott, Arizona.  We are also having many contrails, left over our area.  Some times is looks like the planes are going to crash into one another when they cross over. Contrails stay in sky  for a long time.  Our hospital is also experiencing may pneumonia cases.  How can we really find out what is happening in our skys.  Does our goverment offer any explanations?"



V. writes: [May 2] "Observed chemtrails directly over Santa Cruz Mountains on my way home  from work this morning. Appeared different than past sightings. Much shorter and much thicker. Observed through break in cloud cover. Appeared to be sprayed just above natural clouds. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that these chemtrails looked more like chemclouds. My first thought about this sighting was that they are spraying low. We have complete overcast now but will continue to watch throughout the day."

C. writes: "Observed this morning 4-27-98 beginning at approximately 7:30am and continuing over the morning hours over the Banning Pass in Southern CA chemtrails.  They began in the NNE & NNW.  "X's" in the sky still visible at 9:45am.  Family has been sick (one person at a time) for weeks with flu symptoms.  Antibiotics do not help, it takes weeks to clear.  Choking cough, fever under 100.

B. writes: [April 18] "Friday there were approximately 20 or so over the valley with the telltale "X marks this spot." Saturday, I noticed a definite spraying pattern, there were radiating stripes coming from the Northwest corner of the mountains here in the valley.  On Sunday, it appeared to be coming from the same area and at about 6:00 pm looking out to the West there were rainbows in the contrails. In all cases they lingered for long periods, turning into the feathery clouds as you described. During this same time I saw several planes leaving contrails of the "normal variety" dissipating after several seconds. Now how can that be? Same sky, same weather, two different effects! Do the people who claim this is normal activity think we're that stupid?

Prior to this weekend, there was a noted absence of contrails during the day, but I had noticed them at night, the light of the moon reflecting off them. I wondered if they figured we were getting wise and maybe if they sprayed at night we wouldn't notice. I hate to say it, but it has become so frequent that it has almost become usual. In fact the absence of contrails is what
gets noticed."

CA. writes: "My son said he was at the Long Beach Grand Prix 4/17 & 4/18 and Saturday he quit counting the chemtrails after number 45.  Yesterday, 4/20 here in Sacramento they sprayed non-stop from 7:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m."

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Fremont). On Sunday April 18th what started out to be a crystal clear blue sky soon turn in to this eerie haze. I observed at least 50 or more contrails in the period of about 5 hours. This trails lingered and spread  and seemed to be raining something down to the earth by the strange streaks they left in the sky. I was cutting my sister hair as we both observed this. Then an old friend came by. I mentioned what we were observing and she admitted later she was very skeptical. But since the  day was nice we sat and visit on the patio. One after another the jets making these trails kept on coming and soon we observed a rainbow ring around the sun and the whole sky was turning to a white haze. These jets were flying from south to north. Since we live by the ocean the bay breeze start around 3 in the afternoon. When the breeze started blowing it blew most of the haze away. After this I continued to sit on the patio and noticed there were no more jets flying by.

Today April 19th a day much like yesterday the sky was clear. But when speaking to the old friend I had visited the day before who lives on the north side of  town she notice contrail that seemed to linger looking north were the  cities
of Hayward, San Leandro, and Oakland are. My Friend was so taken by this experience she plans to attend the next City Council meeting.  Well keep our eyes to the sky and have our cameras ready for the next time. One thing to point out is that this occurred on a Sunday. Most people are not at work in their air conditioned building." 

Sarah writes: "Hi- just letting you know I saw more than half a dozen parallel chemtrails while driving north to Bakersfield on Hwy 5, Saturday April 17 (noonish). I remember asking my husband why planes would be going back and forth, spraying stuff in deliberate patterns (no crops in the forest). We figured it had something to do with Edwards Air Force base(?). Anyway- great web site, and thanks for putting it up."

J. writes: "We live in the San Luis Obispo area and since November of last year we've been seeing these strange formations in the sky this one has a web like formation on the bottom middle of picture everytime we've seen this strange formations my wife has gotten very ill almost lost her in November and now since they've started again she's getting the same symptoms we are definitely available to assist in anyway."    

C. writes: "I live in Sacramento, CA and I've been watching this spraying going on for months.  I have told people in my office but of course, I'm nuts!  This couldn't happen in "America"!  Anyway, every nice day they spray.  One day I counted 11 contrails.  My son lives in Orange County, CA and he said he counts from 8 to 12 contrails 2 or 3 times a week.  Everyone in my office have been sick with upper respiratory infections, persistant cough, strep, etc..  I'm the only one not sick - 1500 milligrams of vitamin C a day and I drink oxygenated water."

V. writes: "[April 2] I have seen a few of them this week in the East Bay. Actually, I am looking at one right now. Haze is above a cloud system that looks normal or almost normal. Some places  haze looks like a vail covering area below. It was unusually cold here lately. A few weeks ago I have seen (on 3 different ocasions) a plain dragging 4 contrails behind it eminating like a spray from the rear wings. One time there were 2 plains in tandem a few miles apart. The flew low over San Francisco Bay."

J. writes: "Santa Cruz, CA. 03/28/99 This morning, south of the SF bay area I witnessed very distinct contrains. At 9:00am until 10:00am an X was drawn and as it faded another would be drawn. These were very distinct until the haze covered the sky. The whole bay area is hazy today. When I first noticed the X's the sky was blue to the south. An hour later haze filled the entire sky.As I drove over the Santa Cruz mountains the haze over Silicon Valley reached to ground and visibility was extremely low."

L. writes: "Just wanted you to know that on March 16, 1999 , I took pictures of contrails in the sky over Crescent City , California. The contrails  stayed  for quite sometime. Have not had the film developed as  yet. There is an unusually high incidence of people with all of the symptoms that [were] described on the Art Bell show  up around here."

H. writes: "I work in the Ignacio part of Novato and when I went to lunch yesterday, 3/17/99 I noticed the contrails making a "x" crossing over the sky to the East, when I came out the the lunch place there were more and there was one right over my head.   This was from l2:45pm to l:45pm. About a month ago before I heard of contrails they were MANY long parallel lines in the skies to the west.  I really noticed them as I had never seen anything like that before in the skies here."

Z. writes:
"3-3-99 contrails were criss-crossing all over Central CA at 07:00 the sunrise sky was mostly clear other than  the  incredibly awsome display of geometry made by what  I first thought were simple ordinary vapor trails."

Mike writes: "On 3-18-99 I listened to the Art Bell show, I must admit it floored me. I drive truck at night from Visalia CA to Oakland, CA. on my returm trip it was just about day break the skies were as clear as u can get as the sun peeked over the mountians Ii noticed a plane leaving a trail. I watched to see if it would dissipate, it didnt! Then noticed the time Ireached my station in Visalia and driving home Ilooked up to see a giant contrail X:::::upon arriving at home I dragged my wife out with me. We stood and watched as they flew over until what had started out as crystal clear day now had a thin cloud cover over the entire area. Iwent to bed about 9:30 am. when Iwoke at 3pm. the skies were still lightly overcast. But the differnce was Icould tell this cloud cover was being made manually."

T. writes: "Activity has greatly picked up in the Santa Cruz and Santa Clara area in the past week. [of mid March]. Spraying has occured on a daily basis last several days over my house in Felton California....I have watched the planes turn the valves off and on several times leaving north to south grid patterns from morning till dark."

T. writes (2nd msg.): "There is no doubt in my mind they are spraying us with something.....I just  watched a chemtrail sprayed just before I wrote this message, although the activity is not nearly as intense as I'v seen last week.....On a local radio  program called the Dave Allin Show on KSCO Santa Cruz there have been  callers reporting the same strange contrails over the Monterey Bay and some were upset. I noticed these chemtrails about a month before Will went on Art Bell in the Santa Clara Valley on my way home from work in the morning. The chemtrails in photo on S.F. Bay Bridge match what I've been seeing off rhe Santa Cruz County Coastline and all of it is not normal.....With a pair of cheap binoculars I have watched the chemtrail stop and start again as if one tank ran out and they have to turn on another and the spray is coming out from under the jet body......Your E-mail samples sound exactly What I'v been seeing lately..And now I am starting to see a pattern according to weather conditions. They will not spray off the coastline unless there are onshore winds..I encourage you to continue your website as it appears many others need an outlet just as I do..and believe me, I'm just as baffled about all this as you are.."

June writes: "Last week I saw a contrail being formed over El Cajon, Ca. It was a big curve. I watched it for about 10 minutes noticing it held its shape and was not dissipating. We started east on I 8, toward our home in Julian. The trail followed us at 70 MPH east for 30 miles until we turned off to the north where we ran into a cloud bank and could no longer see it. The last we saw it, it had not dissipated at all and could be seen the length of the sky."

T. writes: "I live in So. Cal. - S.F.Valley area. The activity here has been very heavy on the weekends. They lay grid patterns all morning, by the afternoon it's overcast. My whole family is sick with respiratory and "flu-like" symptoms, except me.  On the weekend of Feb. 28th (I think), I know it was a Sunday, the early morning sky was completely crisscrossed with chemtrails. Around noon we noticed a dark ring around the sun. It was huge reaching out from the sun to almost the tree tops. And at the edge of it was a rainbowish ring. It could be seen with or without sunglasses...I've also noticed rainbows in the chemtrails. After that heavy activity I noticed a lot of web-like stuff floating on our pool. I collected a sample of pool water and e-mailed Will Thomas. He advised me to take it to be analyzed IF I collected it in a sterile jar, unfortunately the jar was not. After the last rain we had there was a bright green residue on the cement around our pool. Could be due to vegetation, but I'm just not sure.

I'm glad to know other people are seeing these and recognizing that it's not normal contrails. I've lived here most my life and I am pretty familiar with the usual air traffic - THIS IS NOT NORMAL!"



P. writes: "I'd like to hear if anyone else in the Broomfield/Lousville/Boulder/ area has seen the 'X' in the sky today, April 27, 1999, from 12-1pm. It's almost right over my building, which is close the the highway 36/287/128 intersection. I've been watching the 'X' pattern dissipate into a 'haze'. There is also a lot of 'hazy' cloud stuff drifting over. It does not match the 'regular' clouds at all - the regular clouds over the mountains are pillowy, but this is a flat hazy 'cloud'

I've been watching the 'X' now for about 20-30 minutes, and one part it has separated from the other, so now there are the two separate lines, each visible, but also having spread out into a haze.

J. writes: "Late this morning [April 11] contrails beginning with the big "x" appeared just east of  our small mountain community [Crawford, CO]. We did not see the planes making the "x" but we saw planes making the other trails. The trails did not disapate, but spread  out until the entire sky above us became covered with whispy-like clouds. About two hours or so later, the sun appeared to have a huge ring around it and the inside of the ring seemed to have a rainbow-colored effect. Things are getting spooky..."

G. writes: "Here is another shocking story. When I think I have seen everything worth reporting, for some reason, I seem to fall into yet another strange story that needs to be told.

In Denver, it has rained very hard last night and all of today. We are on flood watch and the rain is expected to continue for days. Monument Hill on Interstate-25, south of Denver, was closed this morning due to snow. While driving in the heavy rain today, I saw another strange chemcloud event. This event further confirms my suspicions of this material absorbing water
vapour and becoming darker. Even in the rain, I saw dark scattered chemclouds
near the ground contrasting the lighter gray sky.

What really got my attention was a large and dark funnel-shaped chemcloud  nearby. It was very large and extended laterally for several blocks where chunks of it broke off. The bottom of the funnel came down to the ground and originated from the top of several large exhaust stacks at the local electric utility. The stack emissions are mostly water vapour. They are the products of combustion that are scrubbed in a wet scrubber. Normally, on a cold day, you would see only white water vapour rising from the stacks. On this day I saw the white water vapour rising up for approximately 100 feet where it was feeding the bottom of this dark funnel shaped chemcloud.

I thought it quite unlikely that a lone funnel shaped patch of this chemical would simply be hanging over this plant, for hours, absorbing water vapour from it. Here is a more plausible explanation: The absorbent chemical was everywhere within the general vicinity of the plant. It was turning dark only in the area where the wind carried the normal stack emissions from the plant. This theory was further reinforced as I watched the cloud at different times throughout the afternoon. The cloud would move around in differing directions about the plant but the bottom of the funnel would always lead to the top of
the scrubber stacks. I work near the electric utility and have seen its stack emissions for years  but have never seen this before."

G. writes again: "I am completely outraged! I have witnessed, photographed and investigated numerous jet aircraft "contrail" events in and around Denver, Colorado since March 19, 1999. I have watched the white haze form a dome over the entire city, and everywhere I have been, including the top of the continental divide!

Last night, I was consumed by white haze being atomized and propagated from SWARMS of jet aircraft while I stood atop a mountain range on the continental divide! The fumes smelled of hot polyethylene and covered the terrain for as far as the eye could see. After returning home, I have severe lung congestion and assume my lungs must be coated with this crap. Don't forget, we are talking about a PRISTINE area that is supposed to have FRESH AIR! This is NOT NORMAL aircraft emissions.

I have been very vocal, both to the EPA and the CDPHE today, by telephone. I can tell by their reaction that they are aware of it and are just giving me the run around. Not one person that I talked to "had authority". I fully believe they are trying to cover the earth with this crap. The perpetrator of this must surely be trying to exterminate us! I am sure that I am not the only one that has witnessed these emissions or the chemclouds they create. I am also sure that I am not the only person that has complained to the media. Will you please see what can be done to inform the public on why this is happening and how long this onslaught will last?"

Jim writes: "You know, I've been seeing this shit in the skies over Denver for months now and I never gave it too much thought...except to marvel at the prolific number of planes and contrails. I see this on a weekly basis, I'll try and get some photo's.  I just attributed it to military manouvers in the area.  I also saw a "donuts-on-a-rope" contrail a few months ago, right at sunset which was *extremely* wierd. One thing to say:  The jets I've seen laying contrails over here are moving VERY fast, last Wednesday a co-worker and myself watched one cross horizon to horizon in just a minute or so...unbelievable."

Greg writes: "I work near Denver, Colorado.  I found this extremely intriguing.  The last week of February and the first week of March,  I had noticed a lot of activity in the skies.  There were several days when you could see 2-3 X's formed in the sky from what appeared to be contrails.  I paid it no thought until Wednesday the 3rd of March 1999.  I was leaving work at about 5:30pm and it was dusk out.  I have polarized sunglasses that I wear for driving and was putting them on as I was walking to my car.  As I put them on, a "contrail" became visible to me that spanned the entire horizon from west to east.  It was directly above me.  What amazed me was that it was nearly impossible to see w/o my glasses on.  With my glasses on, this "contrail" had the colors of deep blue and a hint of black.  It was a completely clear day by the way.  Standing there looking at the dark blue "contrail" I noticed an eastbound jet following the exact same path as this contrail. The jet was leaving your usual white contrail.  The strangest thing was that this jet appeared to be spiraling, entering and leaving the contrail ever so slightly.  The jet had covered half of  the sky and was now directly above me.  As I looked back to the west (where the jet had come from) all the places that the white contrail had come in contact with the dark blue contrail, the white contrail had dissipated almost to nothing.  So if you would, imagine a "broken" contrail going across the sky.  This is the first time I had ever seen such a thing.  This continued and the jet disappeared over the eastern horizon."

J. writes: "Add Colorado to the list of states that have contrails daily over the city.  I have not taken pictures yet, but I will.  I noticed this before you started to report about it.  This year Colorado has been hit with extreme flu like sickness.  People have been sent to hospitals...reports have come back from the doctors that they have no idea...what the flu is... radio stations have been shut down due to the illness...I myself have been infected by this flu and I thought I was going to die. I have never been sick in my life...not even with a cold?  The contrails are still occuring..."

Chris writes: "I haven't heard or read anything of strange contrails until today.  I was checking out Art Bell's web site and saw something about contrails. This brought back memories of last weekend when I viewed something that looked odd in the sky over Telluride, CO. 

This is a small ski resort town in the SW area of the state.  It is in a valley (7000-8000ft) surrounded on all sides by very tall mountains (13000ft+).  On this particular day the skies were clear but a bit windy and I found myself looking up more than usual to look at the impressive scenery.  My friends and I were driving around the area checking it out.  We had stopped at a gas station (aprox. around 1pm) and I had gotten out to look around.  Overhead I saw three very large (727 sized) silver or light colored planes flying in a straight formation.  Meaning that a person in the middle plane could look straight out the left window and see a plane and they could then look out the right side of the plane side and see the other similar plane.  All three planes were moving at the same speed and at the same lower-than-normal altitude and going the same direction (NNW?  Hard for me to tell surrounded by all those mountains). 

Also at a much closer spacing than I have ever seen planes of that size fly, like bombing formations that I have only witnessed on TV and movies.   They all had very odd looking contrails that were different than I had ever seen before.  They were thicker, longer and they lasted longer than I thought they should have.   I remember thinking that it was odd the formation they were flying in and telling the two people I was with about it.   One commented that yes, she thought it was strange and that it was probably military, because they wouldn't allow passenger planes to fly that close to each other.  That made some sense, because I have heard that there are many unidentified flying objects sighted in that area of the state.  I believe that the military would have to be involved in some or all of those sightings or at least investigating them.  Even if they don't admit it."



CH writes: "We have been bombarded with the contrails here in Hartford Conn, for at least a month now.  Everyday planes are flying continuously over my area spraying long white clouds that then widen.  There are so many planes doing this that by mid-day the whole area takes on the apprearence of a cloudy day. Prior to learning about this in CONTACT Newspaper my entire family, wife, son (2 yrs old) were struck with what we believed to be the flu. I have never ever been so sick in my life. I'am 53 yrs old and I have never experienced such sickness.  Fortunately we are all over it but my son sickness lasted over two weeks. I just rested my body for 3-4 days and allowed it to heal itself. I don't believe in doctors or trust the medical profession so I did not seek out any professional help (doctors).  The planes fly over all day and into the evening. This month we had a new moon and you could still see the planes flying at night. What in God's name is going on and what can we as people coming together as one mind do about this?"



L. writes: "[April 5] As i'm reading this I didn't notice anyone's account from Florida, but strangely enough about 2 weeks ago, that would be around the middle of March, i did see the same thing in the sky.  Actually pointed it out to my boys, 'Hey look, it looks as if someone has gone and put a huge X in the sky.'  We all thought 'pretty cool', then haven't thought another thing about it til now.  Luckily i can not recall being sick at all, though the boys did seem to have a brief 'cold', but nothing more. Sarasota, FL "

S. writes: "As I write this mail [March 20], a battle is engaged just above my house in South Florida. There are so many lines and they just appeared within the last hour. Hospitals in Boca Raton, Fl are still packed with the same conditions as in previous weeks. Wish I could fly, I'd fly right through those lines and grab a sample. There must be some pilots out there somewhere who really care about this crap we are breathing. Know that the substances in these contrails affect the children EVEN more than adults--------at least do something for the kids!"

A Sick and Tired Mom writes: "They've been spraying quite heavily off  and on here in Orlando since late December. Saturday mornings are a sure thing as are Friday afternoons and early evenings. What is so bad  is we've had beautiful weather here lately, making you want be outside, then you look up and guess what?!! Soon the sky becomes hazy and purplish and the headaches, itchy throat and eyes,sinus pain behind the eyes start. We've also had strange weakness, fatigue and abdominal symtoms. My 13 yr old son who was NEVER  sick has had sinus and chest congestion ,my 8yr old is constantly congested ( even though she,s been on 2 rounds of antibiotics,taking claritan, and decongestants since Christmas) My youngest son who's usually the sickest , but who prefers to stay inside and watch TV has the least symptoms!!! Well, gotta go shut the windows as they're spraying  again. There's also been 2 articles in the paper about an large increase in ER and walkin clinic being sverely over crowded lately . The CDC says there's no "epidemic" but the nurses at these places strongly disagree."

Billy writes:
"This was about four weeks ago I think [from mid-March] but I have seen contrails over Florida. I live around Orlando. I was in Tampa on that Friday morning...after I delivered there coming back across I-4 going back to Orlando, and I was looking up and saw the contrails in the sky. We were going to get a cold front that was going to come through Friday nite, and as I was driving my 18 wheeler tanker truck I looked up and saw as many as 6 to 7 planes way up there in the sky making these contrails. I remmbed Art Bell had done the first program on them a week or two earlier, but these were real and the sky then was a pretty blue all over..after they did their thing in the sky (the planes are white in color but real far up they looked to be about a inch or so they were really high up), but anyway ater they were done three or four hours later the sky was real cloudy."

Joe writes:
"Hey there...I live in North Central Florida in the small town of Micanopy pop 800. I have been observing contrails for quite some time now and look for as much info as I can about this . I am sure this stuff aint no good for ya. Your site is incredible! Documentation like this is what the internet is all about. I am glad you did up this page as it validates my thoughts and I'm sure thousands of others are having their doubts about these weird clouds confirmed.

In the next paragraph is a copy of the letter (sighting report) of the Florida brand of contrails...I will do the 8mm video thing next time the trails are present and have a neighbor snag a frame and I shall send it to you. Meanwhile keep up the damn good work...

Today Friday 12 march at 4:07 PM my neighbor and I were working on his front porch. We are very rural deep woods for Florida, but with adequate openings to watch the CONTRAILS being laid in criss-cross fashion . The sky was a brillliant blue with ZERO cloud cover until the trails were being made. We  watched the trails and looked ahead for the plane making it . We both saw it as a fist at arms length away (in front of) the trail head and much to our surprise the aircraft was fairly easy to spot. It was silver in color very bright reflection, and was (at an arms length) the size of a pencil eraser. It was a triangle. It might have been like looking at a stealth from below its flat and triangular, it could have been a stealth as opposed to a B2 bomber which is more of a flying wing boomerang shape. The thing that really got our attention is how fast the thing was booking, it must have been high up ( I'm not good in that area of expertise) but this Triangle intersected another contrail and shut off his spray and we lost sight of him. The roar of a powerful jet could be heard booming all around you and it is impossible for me to home in on the source.

It is 5:50 PM now and I can still hear the rumble in the background. The Triangle returned from the opposite direction and layed out a parallel contrail VERY THICK and you could see on the earlier ones as they floated out into cloud cover a process going on which te clouds were being made. If you were to look at a contrail cloud from the end it looks like a "C" which is given a 90 degree spin. Very much like those parasail wing type parachutes. From the bottom of the "C'' on the ends you can see a precipitate twisting and in a vaporize manner. Exactly like rain in the desert. I've been out west a lot and have seen a good rain in the desert that never touches the ground, it is evaporated before it reaches, but goes thru the whole rain process.

One more thought on the size of the craft spraying. I know a pencil eraser at a arms length isn't a very accurate measurement but in comparison to say a commercial liner 747 etc it was at least 3 times bigger. The craft did not look like a perfect equilateral triangle more of a stealth type triangle, or those delta wing fighters the French use only much bigger...

...Well that's all I wanted to say, I wish I knew a few answers but will at least be a good observer. If indeed this is some insidious plot or Mad Science experiment, or Weather control it doesn't matter. Once your rights are violated on such a massive scale it would seem to me that there would be no place to go and complain, there is no one out there whos knows, or is telling."



J. writes: "I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that a noticed several long-lasting, crossing contrails for three previous days in a row (March 27, 28, and 29).  You'll remember me as the third of the three people who submitted photos of March 17th that are currently featured on your web site.  The greatest number of contrails were seen on the afternoon of the 28th (Sunday) around Jackson, GA.  I noticed these from my home in Covington all the way to Jackson (and who knows how much further...).  These Sunday contrails were almost all running parallel, North to South.  They spread out to form a "furrowed field" effect.  Last night, the 29th, a noticed fewer, but spectacular contrails during sunset, making at least six "Xs".   

I must say that these contrails seem to be forming at very high altitudes, and perhaps there longevity could be explained by higher humidity.  Light rain showers did occur the mornings after two of the above days.  Also, as stated previously, I have never experienced any bad health since I developed an interest in this phenomena, althought I am a kidney/pancreas transplant recipient on immunosuppressive drugs.  I might mention that a friend of mine who lives just north of Denver has told me he has developed respiratory problems after almost daily contrail sightings. My main interest is the sheer number of contrails one sees in a glance in all four directions.  My guess is that this is weather-control related and that the "anomalous objects" on two of my photographs, if not flaws, could be some kind of monitoring equipment (radiosondes, balloons, etc.).  Granted, this is just a guess.  I am no scientist"

A witness writes: "We see these a lot. Most of the time we are at home when we see them. But one time about three and a half weeks ago, we were going to town in our car when we saw two jets traveling parallel to each other. Both had contrails.The sky was all crossed up just like the picture on your site. We noticed that one jet stopped putting out the contrail and the other one kept on for a while and then also stopped. We were curious. Until now we just thought this was some kind of vapor trail or something. We have also seen the criss cross pattern often. I don't know if there is a connection but our health has seemed to change for the worse over the past year. Especially headaches.We have headaches on a daily basis. Other health problems too that are bizarre. But again, I can't say any of it is connected. I wish I knew. We live in central west Georgia, close to the Alabama line."



Resident writes: "My whole family has been very sick for the last 2 weeks. Including my elderly Mother and father, my sister's family, in-laws, etc. When I went to the store this week, everyone there,is sick also. Last Thursday night a military helicopter, was flying right above our house in the country. Sunday morning, when I got up and walked out of the house, to the east was a large X, Immediately called my mother-in-law to step outside. This has been going on for about the last two weeks, whereas everyone is sick and seeing lots of unusual contrails."

DH writes: "Boise ID, April 10, 1999 - I went there for a business conference and arrived at 11:00 AM. At that time I observed active spraying occurring over the Boise area on what was an otherwise sunny day. The only clouds visible were the ones remaining from the previous passes. I observed two active passes on the way to my motel. By 5:30 PM the skies over Boise were mostly cloudy. I assume it was from the spraying that occurred all day. I was inside all day in a conference room that had no windows. At 6:30 PM I saw an active spray pass go by at a lower altitude than the previous ones I saw that day. There were chemicals pouring out from four spray nozzles on the wings of the plane. I happened to be walking at the time with two aerospace engineers and without telling them anything, I asked them to look at the plane and tell me if that was a normal contrail. Both of them agreed that it was not a normal contrail, but had no explanation as to what caused it."

KP writes: "I can't add anything more to  what I just read at your site, your pictures are exactly what I see nearly every day near Boise, Idaho.  They started here almost exactly three years ago & continue.  I wish I had some decent video equipment at high magnification to record these planes, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.  I have observed them with high power binoculars on too many occasions to count.   Just as some of your readers say, many people are sick with respiratory problems ( much more than normal, our winter was mild this year too. )

Something criminal is going on with the amount of haze being laid down week after week for three straight years.   Would you believe that I had to wait 2 years just to begin to hear public mention of this?  I just started hearing it discussed on radio programs about a year I said, they've been here for three years! These are not contrails that we have seen in years past, but are laid down in grid formations and as so many witness accounts state...they do not dissipate quickly, they hang in the sky for sometimes hours until they flatten out in a thin haze. Sometimes at sunset, the light will light them up and they have colors reminiscent of oil on water, kind of a rainbow effect."  

D. writes: "I just wanted to report to you some of my own sightings.  The first sightings of these strange contrails started on the night of January 28 when my brother spotted them over our house and when he let our dog outside and come and got me.  You see, we live in Nampa, Idaho and are in a direct flight path of civilian and military aircraft going to and from Gowen Field (air-national guard base) and we can hear all the aircraft when they come over.  We did not hear anything and thought that was a bit out of the ordinary.  Anyway, the contrails were very large in width and did not decimate even after twenty minutes.  The contrails then started to float down and started to form a big, misty haze.  Before this happened, the sky was perfectly clear with no clouds in sight but after the haze started to form, large clouds just came from nowhere.  After the clouds formed, the was a strange chemical like smell in the air and we decided to go inside because we heard of the people around the country who got sick from these contrails. 

The day after there were even more contrails forming x-patterns and my brother and I identified two KC-135 tankers painted white through our binoculars.  Almost daily we have spotted contrails at day and night."



B. writes: "Yesterday, April 23, a Saturday,  there was TONS of activity!  I was on my way to work between 8:30-9:00 am and they were everywhere!  It was a really clear sunny morning and the only clouds in the sky were from contrails.  I live in the shadow of O'Hare airport and my office is on the 7th floor of a high rise from which you can clearly see Midway Airport in the south suburbs.  These were way too high to have been from either airport.  There were X's and parallels and the really weird thing was when they started to dissipate, they made what could only be described as looking like  a fish spine type cloud.  It was obvious there was the remnants of a contrail in the middle and from there was very thin, wispy lines of cloud that made it look like a fish spine or a feather. 

Something else that was odd was that I never actually saw a plane make these they were just sort of there all of a sudden.  As I said before, I live very close to the airport and these were not normal, especially for such a cloudless day.  The sky hazed up a bit until about noon and then was clear again.  It doesn't seem that we get near the activity of some of the other areas of the country so when something does occur, it is very noticeable.  My mom has had a cold and my dad has
been having sinus trouble. I have had a clogged thoat and nose and my boyfriend has been getting runny noses and nosebleeds all of a sudden. Myself and my brother get migrane headaches and lately they have been
just awful where they have kept us out of work. 

There is just one more thing that I don't know how related it is, but it may be linked somehow.  At Christmas time, my boyfriend and I were out looking at decorations in an area way out in the country (he lives 40 miles south of Chicago and this was even far out in the country for him!) and we took a wrong turn down a gravel road.   Just by sheer coincidence we were listening to Art Bell's Dreamland.  Anyway, he pulled a u-turn and was driving really slow looking out the front window.  He just sort of pointed and went, "What is that?" .   Up ahead of us in the sky was a object that to us looked round on the
bottom with  extremly bright red, green, and white lights on the bottom. It was totally silent.  He stopped the car and we just stared at it. The important parts of the story are that there was not a sound, it gave the impression of a round "craft", and the 3 lights were the only lights on it- no regulation blinking lights.  I rolled down my window and stuck my head out to get a better look as it passed over head.  I could clearly see that the so-called "craft" was indeed an airplane and was
not round.  This plane was so low it was maybe 100-200 feet over the tops of the trees.  Where I live near the airport this is not uncommon and I really wouldn't have batted an eye, but we were out in the country, and good 60 miles from O''Hare and maybe 20-30 from Midway.  There is no airport in that region capable of handling full-size jets. Why was there no blinking lights as required by the FAA? Why was a silent plane flying that low over a residential area on a Sunday night?

Independently, my boyfriend and I both said the plane gave the impression of being round.  The more I think about this incident, the more it seems like some sort of disinformation tatic. I have been asking everyone who won't think I am crazy about this incident and I cannot get a response on what they think this was and if they have ever heard of anything like this before.  Like I said, I don't know if it is related to the contrail activity or not, but it seemed like it would be worth it to at least mention it to you." 

RE writes: "I have been reading about this for several months, and finally saw for myself what is going on.  I live north and west of Chicago (in Lake County, IL).  I have been watching for contrails as described for the last two
months, to no avail - that is, until this past weekend.

Starting on Friday April 23rd, I started seeing some persistent trails, only 4 or 5 that night as we went to the local blockbuster store.  A few more were spotted over the weekend, and it began to seem that, though there were not many of them, there were always 3 or 4 in progress every time I went outside.

We had been getting rain for over a week, and now, on the first two sunny days since the 16th, these contrails showed up. On Monday April 26th (yesterday), I went for a walk at lunchtime, and realized that there were contrails running in a stripe pattern from west to east across the entire sky, and I could see that, before and after lunch, there were always at least 4 to 6 planes causing contrails at all times. When I left work at 5, this was still going on.  As I headed west, 3 contrails were being painted 'straight up' from the horizon in the west and moving towards lake michigan.  They appeared exactly as I always imagined WW III would look if our rockets were ever fired off, scarey as that analogy is to us all.

By last night, it appeared to be a very cloudy evening, yet the moon was still visible through these 'clouds'. I was not able to take pictures, as I did not have my camera with me at work.  If it continues, I will try to get some pix for you all, but in looking at your website, the photos from Pennsylvania were especially startling, as they look exactly like what I am seeing here.

By the way, with O'Hare only 20 minutes away by car, we are very used to seeing many planes in the sky.  In the two years I have lived here, however, it is very rare to see contrails being created by these jets, as they are taking off and landing.  In fact, as these trails were laid over the last weekend, you could see the O'Hare jets in the sky, and there were no contrails emanating from them at all - and you could see the other planes that were laying contrails at the same time."

David writes: "There was an unusual set of trails to the west of Chicago during the week of April 18 - 25, 1999. Very wide and long X patterns. We live on one of the most traveled flight paths into O'Hare and none of the trails were aligned with the landing beacons. During that week many people complained of sore throats and ear aches. We had the worst flooding during that week also. Something had overly seeded the air to cause so much rain to fall in 2 days."

R. writes: "Have been seeing these things quite awhile, pinstripes of trails, with 'X's over our town of Galesburg, IL.  Planes too high to see.  At first it was only on all-blue-sky days,  but within the week, there were some during a partially cloudy day.  Also, there was one day this past week when I did not see them on a blue-sky day.... I will get a camera, and try to get a picture, asap.  Today, 18 March,  I saw an 'X'  in which one of the lines came to  an abrupt ending,  as if  the stuff  had been turned off so to make a more precise 'X'.  Within the past month the hospitals here were full, and  medical workers sick as well with the 'flu-like' illness.....This of course  can occur without weird patterns in the sky.....Looks like, whatever is being done,  it must be expensive.  There must be a lot of pilots working on this project;  why is it that not one of them has told us anything?"

D. writes: "I must say I have witnessed these contrail visuals in and around the Chicago area. Most recently within the past month of Feb. The odd part is this has been a topic of discussion among co-workers as to why. We are in very close proximity to O'Hare, and planes "keep set flight patterns". Not this random hodgepodge of "hanging" trails.



D. writes: "You can go ahead and add the AUBURN, BUTLER, INDIANA areas to your list.  I see these planes working the sky above us ALL the time. Especially when the sky is clear in the morning.  They work for hours. Sometimes three to four at a time.  This I have witnessed over the past three years.  It now only seems to be getting heavier.  Too, I saw no mention in your reports of these sightings at night.  Look up on a clear night and you can see this happening then too.  I see this now and again.  As recent as 4-24-99, at 9:30 PM.  If the moon is full and bright, at times you can see this ALL Over!!!  In this area I've just about ran off of the road watching what these planes are doing!!!  IT'S amazing!!! WATCH THE NIGHT SKY"

R. writes: "In early november i was driving from terre haute to evansville and noticed  dozens of contrails just covering the sky.  Everywhere I looked, it seemed more and more were there.  They did not dissipate, as I viewed them for at least half an hour.  This was around 3:00 in the afternoon.  I have yet to see a pic of other contrails that showed as many as  I saw that afternoon.  Evansville does have an airport, but it has really gotten small, mostly just small commuter type planes, I cant imagine that many jets being in the vicinity because of the lack of any major airport around here.  Also, for the people in Terre Haute who have pics, I have a scanner, just email me and I'll get the pics up for you.  I havent seen them in Terre Haute yet, but I havent looked, either.  I was surfing the net and came across an article about the phenomenon and realized what I had seen back in Nov."

Toni writes: "[Terra Haute] The only days I don't see them now [contrails] are the ones that are overcast all day and who knows if they are above the clouds then. I would add to your photograghic evidence, but I do not have a digital camera or a scanner. I check around and see if anyone I know can help in that area.

Yesterday, Sunday, it cleared off late in the afternoon and my daughter and I had to go out for awhile. As soon as it cleared enough to see the blue sky they started to appear. It was the grid pattern like a tic-tac-toe or big checker board, and you and I know they don"t appear like that by accident.

Last night they replayed Will Thomas' last interview with Art Bell. They mentioned the affect of this possible substance, thought to be a mixture of chemical and biological agents, on horses in particular, being deadly. I am going to start checking today with local vets and horse owners to see if they have had any horses sick or dying. We have  a lot of sick people but that can be passed off as normal flu and winter sicknesses, not that I think it is normal, but skeptics will grab on to that explanation. Maybe unusually high animal deaths will convince someone. The animals are out in the fields all day and who get the maximum exposure.

You know what has been bothering me too about this, is that here it seems late afternoon is a favorite time to spray, from about when kids get out of school until dark. I picked up my little 5 year old niece at about 3PM Friday from school, and before I could get her home she started complaining of a bad headache. That was only a ten minute trip after being out in a contrail filled sky, and she only walked from the school to the car! I'll let you know if I get any info from vets and horse owners..."



C. writes: "From 10-10:45am 8 planes were seen laying a criss cross grid over Sioux City.  A funny chemical smell is in the air.  They contrailed yesterday but not this severe.  My daughter and I got sinus problems overnight and my 4 year old daughter had a fever of 103.6 by 10:30pm last night.  She had been perfectly fine till the fever.  There are still no symptoms--just a very high fever."

J. writes: "I'm reporting from Sioux City, where the contrails really started to pick up.  Weather modification is not what I had wanted to see... while I was on a trip to a friend's farm house I had seen an X contrail over the sky there, and the clouds just started to form, slowly but they were forming.  This really ISN'T normal, and I do hope that this will soon stop."



J. writes: "Olathe, Kansas (greater Kansas City area) We've seen several patterns lately, most notably a large criss-cross pattern of about 6 or 7 intersecting lines.  We watched one plane suddenly switch-off it's trail in mid flight.  There are many other reports from around the city and there has been a huge increase in illness.  Our state representative tells me it's a normal occurrence caused by atmospheric conditions.  Ha Ha."



L. writes: "I am reporting from Lexington, Ky. Yesterday, March 17, I swear, around 1 in the afternoon, I was at work, with a total view in three directions, and I saw 3, I repeat, 3 large X`s in the sky, totally dissapating into a total cloud cover! It was nothing I had ever seen in my life, and I`m 48 years old! I`m scared and want answers!"

Gary writes: "[On March 19 in Lexington, Ky] many contrails, saw three x's, saw white jets through scope laying down contrails that turned into long clouds that got wider and dropped in alt. also was greesy film on cars that morning. please get to source of this. thanks."



Solstice writes: "Today was the typical day (Monday, April 26th) of "sky decorations" in the Cadillac area, third day in a row.  Lots of X's in the sky and tic-tac-toe style patterns.  What was different today was a trail that appeared around 6:30 this evening, a very long black contrail that did not dissipate but rather puffed up over time and made a large dirty looking cloud.  It was very noticeable as were the other anomalous contrails as it was a very clear and warm day here today.  Does anyone have any ideas about the black contrails?  If so, please post on this page so that I can figure out what this was." 

C. writes: "I am a resident of south Oakland County. I commute to Wayne county every day for work,
usually to Dearborn and Wayne, Michigan.

Wayne and Oakland county have been under extremely heavy aerial spraying for the last two days. Oakland County has been repeatedly sprayed since February 1999 that I have been aware of. These last two days have been the worse that I have seen for both counties since February. There are several large white/silver planes dispersing the chemical trails on a 24 hour basis now. THEY ARE NOW SPRAYING THROUGH THE NIGHT TIME HOURS. I have seen a large low hanging "X" over a full moon a month ago, and now, when I leave for work at dawn, the sky is already covered and criss-crossed with chemtrails that have already filled the morning sky and additional "bands" that were just laid and spreading. Two or more aircraft can be seen before 7:00am laying the trails down from horizon to horizon usually starting in a East/West pattern. They are usually laid as one trail, but on 26 and 27 of April 1999, they are also laying "twin" trails from some of the aircraft, mimicking commercial jetliners, but these trails do not disperse, they continue to thicken and cover the skies until we have another low ceiling, overcast cloudy day.

Many cases of asthma and respiratory illnesses have been going on all winter and have continued into spring. My family has experienced sore throats, sinus irritation, dizziness and lethargy. These symptoms have also been experienced by many of my co-workers and their families. This winter many people had severe cases of bronchitis that were extremely difficult to cure and led to pneumonia. We have also had two children die from Meningitis in the Detroit and Ann Arbor area, with no apparent cause of them to contract the disease."


R. writes: "It is now 7:15 p.m. April 9, 1999. Over the last half an hour during my trip from Reed City, MI to Big Rapids, MI, I witnessed the strange contrails everyone is reporting. On my way through Reed City travelling south I saw a large plane with a very fine distinct double contrail flying roughly west to east. I then noticed other similar contrails farther south that were spreading out. Then about every three minutes another plane would come out of the west flying very quickly with the same kind of contrail, I witnessed four planes, each one flying slightly farther south parallel to the last, only one plane was visible at a time. The sky was filled with these lines that were spreading out slowly. From the looks of things this was the second west to east set that they had flown because some of the lines were already present as they flew through again.  The "X" that some have reported was a little farther south, it had already spread out somewhat.

By the time I had reached Big Rapids a strange haze covered the area to the north. It was at first a white haze but quickly started turning darker like rain clouds rolling in. I was amazed at how quickly the sky had changed from being full of lines to completely overcast, when I left Reed City it was wonderful blue skies. It has now spread south to Big Rapids while I was writing this. A gray cloud now covers everything. I also witnessed during the two afternoons before the recent early morning HAARP amateur radio tests, three planes flying grid patterns over the same area all afternoon."

M. writes: "[April 5] We are being sprayed here again today in Lansing, MI.  We started out with pretty heavy cloud cover.  After the cloudy front passed, there were already pre-formed contrails in the sky.  Apparently they spray above the cloud cover as well as out in the open.  I would like to know what the pilots of commercial aircraft have to say about this.  And what about just ordinary pilots who own their own planes?  What do they think about flying around in the stuff?    I know a couple and I'm going to check with them.  And what about the pilots who are spraying this stuff.  If it is poison of some sort, aren't they hurting their own families as well as the rest of us?  What can be done to get some real concrete answers?"

WW writes: "March 31st in the Detroit area brought renewed activity over the entire sky. Same pattern as before, with X symbols and "tic, tack, toe" .  At the end of a long day of observed activity, at 7:00 PM, EST, I was observing a contrail directly overhead, with 7x35mm binoculars, when I suddenly noticed about 4-5 plane lengths behind, a bright silver light which moved back and forth through the contrail.  I could not see it without the binoculars.  It was visible for about 1 minute.  As I looked away briefly, it was gone."

B. writes: "[Detroit area] On Saturday, March 20th, at about 9 AM I noticed unusual contrails  being formed by military type silver planes.  I tracked them with a 3.5" telescope using a 60X eyepiece.  The contrails were coming from  the tail, not the engines.  The planes would fly from west to east and back, laying parallel trails, which spread out a formed a solid  haze which blocked the clear blue sky.  By 1:00 PM the entire sky was filled with this haze, and a halo was observed around the sun.  On  the western end of the trails, a cross or "X" was formed.  By late afternoon, another symbol IX was formed.  I took photos an am awaiting developement.  Also, when the planes stopped laying these  unusual contrails, one plane flew directly over my position.  It could be observed through the haze, and was leaving a conventional  contrail from the engines, which disappeared quickly, in contrast to the lingering trails."



RL writes: "I had not given much thought about contrails until listening to Art Bell Thursday morning. I was shocked and concerned Thursday afternoon around 5:00 PM to look up and see the contrails Art was talking about over Jackson Mississippi. I watched them until it became to dark to see. A real jet contrail was coming from a jet at the same time across the sky and I watched it disappear within a minute as it flew over and the other contrail were still there. Please get to the bottom of this."



T. writes: [May 1] "I go to school in Warrensburg, MO. about an hour outside of Kansas City, and about 20 minutes north of Whitemans Airforce Base.  Warrensburg is a small college town.  Yesterday while driving back to Warrensburg I did notice an awful lot of contrails (thick ones) being left behind all over the sky.  I didn't have my camera on me...but I will be watching in the future.  But the strange thing was I saw two Contrails end..and directly behind them were two parralell black lines in the sky. Sounds crazy...but it was like two very long retangles stretching from the contrais to the Air Force Base.  It was clearly a different color than the blue sky that was in the background.  Well just thought I would tell you about that, it seemed strange to me..and I have been following your coverage." 

D. writes: "Just a note, sometime in early Feb.99, I was going south on I55 in Missouri, when I started noticing quite a few contrails, forming x's in the sky but also something else. I'm a trucker, go thru this area quite often, and it's the first time I saw this and a whole lot of spider web type substance floating down out of the sky. I asked some other drivers via the CB, and they were fascinated by this also. The substance clung all over my truck for several hundred miles. Just wondered if anyone else ever noticed this stuff also. I could give exact dates if needed via my log books."

R. writes: "We have seen these cemtrails over the St Charles co area in MO. One child has died of meningococcal (meningitis).  Could this be related  everyone seems to have flue like symptoms.    I have had a sore  throat that come and goes. I have not  had any other symptoms."

JT writes: "Visited your website; the beginning of March-don't remember exact date, my husband and I observed a criss-cross pattern of 'vapor' across the sky near West Plains, Mo. I remember thinking it took longer than usual for it to dissipate; I cannot say that it was the same as you have seen; but we intend to be more observant and alert others to do the same."

CR writes: "Brandon, MO.  I can't believe I found this site by accident!  On Sunday March 21, we were on our way to town and my husband said to me, look at those two jets they look as if they are going to collide.  They had these contrails behind them and they didn't go away.  Then today (Mar. 24) I was out and I saw so many criss crosses in the sky and they got bigger as time went on and by afternoon they seemed to run together and become a haze. My children live in Fla. and I haved alerted them to this because my daughter was taken to the hosp. so sick she couldn't get out of bed (sore throat, weakness,fatigue) Has been hanging on for a long time and antibiotics aren't helping. My grandaughter has had a sinus infection for a month and they can't seem to get rid of it.  I really am concerned about this . Are there no answers? Who do we  even ask?"



L. writes: "I live in Helena, Montana. I've been paying particularly close attention to the contrails since I first noticed them about a month ago. I grew up on various military bases. I know, to my own satisfaction what "normal" and "unusual" contrails are. We are having a LOT of them. I would estimate at least 50 per day. The planes , which I'm sure are military planes, sometimes fly wing tip to wing tip in a manner no commercial airliners would engage in. I've taken a lot of timed and dated pictures that illustrate how many are in the air within minutes of each other. I've been looking at these skies for years. This contrail phenomenon I find most unusual. We are a relatively unpopulated state that is far enough out of the way that we don't see a great deal of air traffic, normally. I very much wonder what is being sprayed and if it is safe for my children to be out in it. After about three hours of spraying it creates a haze in the air which  I must assume is unsafe until proven otherwise. I also wonder who is personally  involved in this. My question to such a person is, have you completely lost your mind??



LuLu writes: “I have been following the contrails since 1995.  I had tried various local talk shows and the local newspaper and all dismissed me with a comment such as, “They’re spraying for mosquitos." Even now, after Will Thomas brought the story out in the main media, one talk show host, JR Reynolds, said, “It’s too weird, I don’t want that on my show.”

Mid November 1997, my husband and I drove to San Jose, CA , rather than going on Hwy 80, we took Hwy 44 then Hwy 290 to the coast.  We then took Hwy 1 down from its inception to San Jose.  All along the route we could see planes spraying, even in unpopulated areas over the mountains.  Back in Reno, the day after Thanksgiving, there were four planes spraying -- normally there are only two.  Two months later, January 1998, we drove to Las Vegas, NV and witnessed the same thing -- spraying even when there is unpopulated open desert.  While we were in Las Vegas, we could have played Chess on the grids that criss-crossed the sky.  We have followed the contrails from the Portola / Graeagle, CA area down to Minden, NV. The  distance between locations is plus/minus 150 miles. 

Throughout 1998 they sprayed almost daily from 7:am to 7:p.m.  On one occasion, I guess the pilots were bored with just doing criss-cross patterns, one did a semicircle -- as a bow, then the other went through the center of  the bow -- as an arrow.  The bow part was not one continuous line, it was three little spurts, which proved to me that they are able to start and stop the spray at will.  Even on naturally cloudy days, should there be a cloud break, you can see them spraying above the clouds.  And, yes, at the end of the day the planes head off towards Fallon NAS.   If one is an early riser, one wakes up to a beautiful clear sky and then the spraying starts and it becomes hazy.

Jimmy writes: "[April 5] I didn't look outside until 1:00PM.I saw the all too familiar drifting chemtrails amongst the clouds.Sure enough I watched for an hour as least 15 planes zipped by going east or west on the south side and about 5 going north,south on the west side.Another 5 NW or SE over the city of sin.

There were real clouds below the chemtrails that were blowing over,but the chemtrails seemed to be clinging to their spot in the sky better. They all expanded, sunk, and turned into that haze, and you could see where this had earlier taken place. I don't know when it started. During most of that hour there were multiple trails being formed simultaneously.

It's the same old story, but every time I see it the thing looks more and more like it's choreographed, calculated, and executed. It looked like they were either spreading something or trying to make clouds. What really gets me is those trails that are left only over the valley. It's like a valve is being shut off; the trail just ends. I do have to say that I saw at least 3 different planes. One of them had an orange or red belly, but the bottom of the wings was white. I just can't accept that there's the that much air trafiic that close together that close to Las Vegas that leaves contrails some days, chemtrails on others, both kinds sometimes, and sometimes none at all."

C. writes: "I first heard about the strange "netting" over Reno and Carson City a few weeks ago on KKOH 780 am radio.  I happened to mention it to my husband and he said he'd noticed them too.  However, at the time, the skies were overcast and I couldn't see any. Yesterday at about noon time I was outside and noticed about 5 or 6 criss crossing contrails which later grew hazy in the sky. ( Jeez, I'm reading this and thinking how silly this sounds.)  Anyway, the contrails seemed to be to the southeast of Reno, which would coincide with military aircraft traffic out of NAS Fallon, NV. I just went outside and looked up and can see contrails, seemingly hours old, fat and hazy, almost overcast in the sky.  The haze appears to be almost directly overhead my neighborhood, which is 9 miles north of Reno-Sparks. There is no discernible odor in the air nor material in the air or on the ground.  I have no idea what this could be, but after hearing last night's show, I was compelled to check the artbell website and write to you."

HW writes: "Contrails on the south side and some chemtrails "living" on the north side for 3 hours in Las Vegas on March 29th This happened simultaneously with the regular contrails being all laid at once by 4 planes,3 very close together,appearing to be flying together. All planes looked like the white,unmarked version that I've seen so much of lately. The chemtrails to the north blended and looked much like real clouds,adding to the thick haze that was already present. Time period was from 8:45AM until 11:45AM.I had no viewing time after 1:30,but the action was picking up on the south side of the city around noon."

P. writes: "[March 24] Yes, Las Vegas was hammered today! They started spraying last week and stopped on March 19.  The skies have been clear until today when we just got nailed.  Last week on the 18th I left town for the night as they were doing low level spraying and I could clearly see the planes with the naked eye. I have an entire roll of film of undeveloped film."



S. writes: "Winchester, Cheshire County, NH: I first sighted chemtrails in late January and mistook them for clouds. There was a stack of 8-10 completely parallel, long, thick clouds going from horizon to horizon across the south sky (at dusk, 4:30 or so)--like nothing I had ever seen before. After I heard of the chemtrails on the Art Bell show, I had another sighting in early March. It was after dark and all the stars were visible--not a cloud in the sky. I went out to go to a 7:00 P.M. meeting and noticed the planes laying down the chemtrails. When I came out at 8:30-9:00 P.M. the trails were still very evident in the sky.

I  have been watching since then and seen them many times, but activity has really heightened in the last two weeks. The attached photo was taken on Sunday, April 24. The sky was crystal clear and the weather radar showed no clouds anywhere in range. Chemtrails began appearing at about 10:00 A.M. and were laid down continuously until about noon. By 2:00 P.M. the entire sky was white. By 4:00 the sky was filled with cumulus-type clouds, strangely shaped, which were bright white on the top and charcoal gray on the bottom.

I have seen chemtrails over Marlborough and Chesterfield while the sky over Keene (the “urban” center) remained
clear. Chesterfield seems to be particularly targeted. For the last two weeks we had seem chemtrils almost every day--usually early morning or late afternoon, but sometimes mid-day. The chemtrails seem to dissipate more quickly on some days--I think when the high elevation winds are moving faster. On Thursday, April 29 and Friday, April 30 the chemtrails began with planes coming out of the east with the sun at around 6:00 A.M. By noon both days we became hazed in, and by afternoon had skies filled with the cumulus-type clouds, despite weather forecasts of cloudless days. (The clouds have never delivered rain. We are having a drought here in New Hampshire.) The sky was clear again by late afternoon.

At about 2:00 I had occasion to be on a mountain where I could see across all of southern Vermont and it was completely socked in with white haze.  We have also frequently witnessed the characteristic Xs. We have noticed a pattern of thin chemtrails that turn into “bubbly” masses that soon begin to look like they’re “dripping.” Then the stuff spreads and becomes feathery before turning into a haze. The photo shows a chemtrail being laid down across several that we had watched being deposited over the previous 15 minutes. I will try to keep more accurate records as to dates and times and to take a lot more photos.

We are in the flight paths for airports in Boston, Hartford and Manchester, NH, so we see a lot of air activity. We almost always see normal contrails come and go while we are watching the chemtrails being sprayed. (I can’t help but wonder why airline pilots are not addressing this phenomenon.) It’s hard to argue that they are not two different things when you see them
side by side! Almost everyone has been sick with cold/flu-type illnesses around here all winter. Absentee rates at almost all workplaces have been very high. I have suffered from congestion/coughing/sore throat and malaise. My husband has also had upper respiratory problems and malaise that seems to heighten following a “hazing.” We’ve just had two
beautiful unscarred, blue-sky days. Let’s hope they are done with us!"


N. writes: "Foggers is my term. The action over north central NJ on the stated dated seemed as if a fog was being layed from south to north. you could see contrails start at around 45,000 feet. one would appear, then at about 30 to
60 seconds later, another would start to emit just west and slightly south of the lead jet (this being directional as we were traveling south on the NJ tp towards Phila.). As others appeared (on the same heading), the trailing crafts would
either vector sharp west or snake west to east, then back to their original  heading (following the recon vehicle traveling north). My wife had been reluctant to believe my "contrail" concerns. After sunday evening, WE want to help."

Carol writes: "Hi,   I live in south central NJ.  I have noticed these strange lines since November 1997.  They are not jet tracks.  The criss-cross each other.  Jets usually leave and enter an airport, (we are close to Newark,) by the same routes.  They need to head into the wind or away from it, do they not.  The landing planes are not on the same lanes as these contrails.  I have pointed these out to many people and they shrug and say the wind blew them there.  Hope this helps you.  I am not a fanatic or a nut.  I see them."

M. writes: "Monday, 3-15 5:00 PM- Long and very high contrails over Lincroft, NJ, SE to NW, by very high and very fast moving jets, parallel lines like furrows.

Tuesday, 3-23 11:00 AM- Saw an "X" in the making over Bedminster, NJ, two high altitude jets flying directly at each other from right angles, intersecting and continuing on.  Very unusual flight pattern.  Also accompanied by many horizon to  horizon contrails.  The day started out crystal clear - within an hour or two it was overcast with that characteristic thin white haze.

Also, on the night of 3-23 around 10:00 PM, saw multiple parallel contrails over my house in the dark, clearly illuminated by the moon. Fairly low altitude. And, have seen many very high flying jets leaving slowly dissapating  contrails, not in any organized pattern, just very high flying and  fast moving,  horizon to horizon. 

This happening all this past week.  Seems like they're everywhere - whatever this is, it is definately intensifying.



Resident writes: "Horrifying stuff! I have been watching the skies in Santa Fe, NM and sawcontrail patterns on Monday April 12 9am which then created cloud cover.This morning Sunday April 18 at 9:15 am I noticed trails being formed as Iwas milking the goats, and they filled the sky with patterns until about11:30 am. By noon, the once clear sky was so filled with a dense murky cloudcover, that you could no longer see any contrails. The unpleasant taste inmy mouth still hasn't gone away, and it is now 2pm."

V. writes: "On Sunday, April 19 and 20, 1999 we observed many, many chemtrails over Santa Fe, NM.    By 10 am the sky was full of "x's" followed by some overcast skies.  Myself and many people I know have become ill from the chemical poisoning.  I had acute bronchitis and have never been so sick in my whole life.  Is there a citizens action group that we can join to stop the poisoning of our population?" 

A witness writes: "I have noticed these activities over the Albuquerque area since February 14, 1999. Local TV news reported an increase in deaths of senior citizens in local nursing homes approximately 2 weeks ago.  They attributed it to "flu-like respiratory symptoms".  I submitted Will Thomas' article to 100 local officials up to and including our congresswoman.  To date, none have responded and the media refused to report on it."



R. writes: "Well the part is apparently over here in Albany New York.  For one solid week 24-31 of March, there was not a single contrail over the city. Then at 6:00 P.M. last night, they began again in earnest. They have been continuously spraying here for the past twelve hours.  At midnight I woke up and looked out the window, and under a very bright moon, I could see contrail after contrail all over the illuminated portion of the sky.  This morning at 6:00 A.M. they were still laying down more contrails from the SW to NE and a wide cross-hatch pattern through these.

I guess we are NOT using the Kosovo KC-10s for this operation (17 now in Kosovo). So, who's planes are we using.  I got an excellent look at the planes through binoculars last night and they were KC-10 machines, all white except for the underside and the engine cowlings, which were black and black-trimmed.  Who do these planes belong to?  Maybe the UN — White seems to be their coloration for all of their vehicles? Well, I guess the war is back on in America (Against America).  The question is — Who is the enemy?"

Gringo writes: "Today March 31at approximately 6pm My brother and I witnessed a strange X contrail formation overhead.  We live in Staten Island, NY, One of the boroughs of New York City.  We have photos and will send the originals as soon as they are developed."

Veomega writes: "...somehow I've only noticed the contrails but never really suspected too much. One thing is that I believe tuesday and wendsday of last week, over the skies of Middletown New York I counted roughly a dozen contrails going in four directions in parallels of three.

Another weirder sighting was back sometime in the summer of 98. It was 2 am in the morning and I was getting back from Washington. Over my house in Middletown was this huge contrail illuminated by the moon. Compared to an 180 sky view this took up at least 30 percent of the sky and seem to stay in one position. There's been alot of trails lately, especially in the morning where about once a week there are lines of 6 contrails and you can see the planes laying them. I did notice a very fast high altitude plane earlier last week laying a thin fine contrail, this plane was out of my view within several seconds. It was above the first and second light cloud barriers. I've also noticed planes flying at night, there were two dozen in the sky moving in one direction..."

John writes: "ROCHESTER, NY.  Several weeks ago, soon after first hearing the contrail story, while on a morning walk with the dog I saw more contrails then ever before.  I had to laugh out loud in disbelief!  The sky was virtually filled.  A whole grid was put over the city with paralell trails going in all directions.  There was a strange haze in the air too.  It would have made a great photo.  This is so strange you just have to laugh.  I have no idea what it's about.  There must have been close to ten jets within view at one time. 

Peas writes: "The time is 5:50 PM.  The date is March 17, 1999.  15 minutes ago I left my office building in mid Westchester County, looked up and saw more contrails than I can count.  They are south of my location which would mean the spraying is occurring over Yonkers/Bronx and perhaps Queens.  The spraying or at least the contrail formations are continuing as I write. This morning when I came home early (around 7 AM-slept at a friends house in nearby Connecticut) I noticed a couple but thought nothing of it.  Perhaps they spray during the predawn and dusk hours."

Doug writes: "On Tuesday, March 16 I witnessed over 20 contrails criss-crossing the skies over Nassau County, Long Island and lower Queens. These contrails had no recognizable pattern, ruling out skywriters, and were far too erratic to be normal air traffic from either JFKor Laguardia airports. At one point my self and another person witnessed an object that we could only identify as "missile-like" climbing at a high angle over the area, and leaving the same contrail as what was already present in the sky above, in its wake. Some of the contrails, however, seemed to fan out from a single point from the west, probably below the horizon. This cannot be verified due to obstructed vision from buildings and trees. Other contrails either looped or made long, straight streaks through the sky, coming to an abrupt end."

J. writes: "I just checked out your page and was shocked to see the "X" over Albany NY photo. I saw that particular contrail myself. As the day wore on, it became cloudy and ultimately began to rain.  When the rain first started, very lightly at first, I went out for a smoke and noticed what looked like old dried pine needles and a thick black goo covering both of my just washed cars. The "goo" was spotty and a bit oily. The rain shower turned into a massive steady downpour and continued all through the night, turning to snow at around 8am the next morning. A very unusual storm for these parts.  Just thought I'd add my story. I haven't gotten sick yet, but this flu-like thing is certainly here."



Witness writes: "Last night at about 10:30 pm 3-29-99 @ the Asheville Regional Airport me and a friend saw about 10-12 contrails forming a grid pattern in the sky. As I was going home I saw another one being formed so I drove back to tell my friend. He estimated the altitude of the aircraft at 8,000 to 10,000 feet max, using the aproximate speed of the aircraft (under 450 miles per hour) and he marked the starting and ending angle then counted the time passing both points. I don't know what his math was but he seemed to be sure of the aircrafts height. He also checked what the temp. should be at that alt. and it was not cold enough to cause contrails.

This morning 3-30-99 I saw about 6 contrails and one being formed so I used my Binos. to look at the aircraft and could see the engines far out board and forward of the contrails. the stuff was being ejected in two streams through the tail. (again inboard and aft of the engines). It looks lke they have started to randomise the daytime sprayings to look more natural but the night time is grid type of spraying. (oh by the way I could see the night sprayings because of the moon."

D. writes: "[March 29] Today, at least three large, white plane were in our skies here in Wilmington, NC.  Over and over they flew for hours.  Sometimes with a contrail being released, and sometimes without any visible contrail. One plane would fly by and, after a minute or so, another would follow behind.  Then, another plane would follow.  (Note:  I had more than one plane in my sight at the same time.)

Some contrails went away rapidly, while others spread out and lingered.  They formed into what would look like cirrus clouds.  They, however, were not cirrus clouds, because I watched the contrails form into these cirrus like clouds.  One plane left no contrail at all.  Had the contrails not been there, the sky would have looked clear blue, I have read a report, in our local newspaper, that the Navy was doing maneuvers off the coast this week and this may very well have something to do with the contrails.  Also, this week, there have been some strange sonic booms that shook us up around these parts."

ER writes:
"Western North Carolina March 22, 1999. Aircraft activity at a fevered pitch today in WNC.  Traveling today west towards southwestern counties observed multiple aircraft flying in tandem creating tictactoe patterns. Dissipation and spreading of haze virtually covered horizon. sidebar: flu-like infections at near epidemic proportions in WNC; sinus infections, respiratory infections, mouth ulcers(had some of these painful bastards myself), etc. WNCer's can respond at:"

Richard writes: "For those of you who are keeping score or track, the skies over Asheville, NC were today (March 17,1999 Wednsday) once again covered in Contrails. The skies both to the East and to the West were being sprayed, starting at 8:15 AM EST and continued through 11:00 AM as of this writing. I just checked again and the skies are being sprayed again both East and West.. Photos were once again taken of this spraying session."

Richard writes: "Well, here we go again, so for those of you who are keeping track or score of The Contrail Spraying Phenomena, let the games begin. Today, Friday March 19,1999, the skies over Asheville NC were covered with contrails. I noticed when waking around 8:00 AM EST, that there were several (10-20) contrails visible to the north & west of my location in west Asheville. What was interesting was that the skies cloud cover was fairly substantial at the time of the spraying. Either they had been spraying for several hours prior to dawn to create the existing cloud cover, or they were spraying for what I think was the first time during the existence of substantial cloud cover. The spraying lasted for about two hours and then stopped.

At or around 12:30 - 1:00 PM EST, while the skies were now fairly clear, the spraying began to continue once again. This time, like two days ago, the skies were saturated with contrails. I counted 25 separate jets in just one region of the sky. It is now approx.. 3:30 PM EST and it looks like the spraying has stopped for now. If it starts up again, I'll send out a revised alert as before."

T. writes: "..I live in Hudson NC. I have been watching the jets all over the skies. Contrails are everywhere. Tonight [March 18] on my way home from work, I saw 7 jets working all at the same time in the sky."

V. writes: "On morning of March 22 while playing golf noticed multiple planes flying at high altitude and leaving contrails which didn't dissipate but widened and formed peculiar cloud patterns.  The morning sky was relatively clear until after all of these planes finished flying over.  I counted nine contrails to begin with and then it became too difficult to keep track! The planes were coming from the east over the ocean,.  They did not look like commercial aircraft.  What is the source of this scourge?  I live in coastal Wilmington, NC."



C. writes: "Sightings in Red River Valley of the North (metro area): First I saw since I heard of them was March 19. Then March 31, April 12 and 13. First set was 7-8 tracks, parallel E to W, evenly spaced. Very noticeable, if you're aware. Last two sets were only two or three, and they spread out very feathery on a windy and partly cloudy day, looking like upper left pix of Georgia 3-17."



R. writes: "[From Cleveland] I viewed all the photos on Art Bell's web site and I watched the exact same patterns at my home yesterday 3/15/99.The patterens are the same,an elongated X, then another plane crossed over,then a third plane came from the opposite and crossed,then another plane came from straight ahead always creating these X patterns.This was the second time I saw this happen..I am going to try to get some answers from my congressmen."

Nicole writes: "I don't know what is going on above us here in Ohio, but it's VERY curious. I first noticed these contrails back in November, but at the time, I didn't know what they were. The November sighting occurred around 7 pm, and it was dark, but it was the oddest thing.  In the sky, there were these strange contrails extending from one end of the sky to the other, and crisscrossing. The sky was filled.  However, at the time, I thought nothing of it.

Until about 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago , I was driving on State Route 422 here in Niles, OH. I happened to look up in the sky ( it was still light out) and there were about 10-12 contrails in they sky. Some were crossing each other. Some were going straight up. Some were going horizontally. I arrived at our mall and parked my car, and noticed that several other people were looking up in the sky and pointing.

However, yesterday takes the cake. It was a gorgeous day here. It was almost 70 degrees and the sky was completely clear when the day started. Around 1 pm, I went out to shop, and MY GOD....the sky was FILLED with contrails. I have never seen this many. My shopping trip took over two hours, going from store to store, and driving around. Every time I exited a store, there were more contrails. And these things hung in the air, and got larger, and spread. Honest to God, by the time 4 pm rolled around, the sky was HAZY from them. These things turned a completely clear sky into a big hazy mess.

Another interesting note. Channel 3 in Cleveland has a constant outdoor weather camera that they do live shots from during the news telecast. A couple of days ago, they were doing their live shot, and BINGO..contrails. The weather man said, "Hey, look at all of those streaks in the sky. I wonder what those are."

I should note that I live near the Vienna Airbase here in Ohio.  All day long today, there have been helicpoters flying overhead, in formation. My uncle lives closer to the base, and he called us and mentioned it as well. The helicopter noise is so great that I feel like I'm in Vietnam. I'm going to start taking pictures of these contrails."

K. writes: "[Near Cleveland] As my daughter and I travel I-90 west around 7:30 a.m., daily, we have noticed over the past few months these, what I termed to be "weird" jet stream patterns.  They appear as those referenced in your website, very thick and in numerous patterns.  I thought this to be very strange, but when I mentioned it to say, my husband for one, he looked at me as if I was strange.  The sky can be extremely clear, however, these puffs of streams are disbursted across the sky:  x-patterns, parallels, long, short, etc. 

We would literally look at other people in other cars to see if they were looking up in amazement, but no one seemed to notice.  I guess people do not pay attention to what is going on above them. I was very tempted to contact NASA in Cleveland, Ohio but I thought they would feel I was wasting their time. Thank you for validating that I am not just tripping!!



P. writes: "OKC city was sprayed today April 5, 1999 between 15:30 - 17:30 .  Medium to Mildly heavy."

L. writes: "During the second week of March I was going into a nearby store here in Tulsa and noticed a strange contrail directly overhead. The contrail appeared new. It was thick looking, very white and concentrated. I didn't pay much attention to it until I had finished my shopping almost a half hour later, came outside and it was still there."

J. writes: "Hi, I have been observing contrails in abundance in the Guthrie to Oklahoma City area in Oklahoma for months now.  Some times heavy in the mornings, sometimes in the evenings. I have seen X's and other patterns,  Seems like almost every other day at least lately..When I get a chance to photograph, I will, further I will try to note the days I see these. Thanks for your site.  I have been very concerned about this stuff, and very few of my friends and family seem to be noticing this very odd phenoma.  Further the difference between what I am seeing now, and what I have seen in the past, seems to be significant.  Thanks again for your time, I will send photos soon."



B. writes: "About the contrails I live in Eugene,OR I travel every day to school in Albany OR.  I saw some trails on March 16th around 12:00-3:00 pm I didn't think any thing about it at the time. But Idid notice an arplane that look a little odd the way it was flying. I think it was military, why I say that was because we hardly ever see them around here in Eugene. What got me thinking was that I have been hearing on the radio about if you are sick call this number and you will get free medical help. I think the info line was about brochitis?"


F. writes: "[March 23,1999], I live 35 miles west of Eugene in the coast mountains. I commute to a swing shift job that starts at 3 pm, sometimes I go in early to do errands and then go to work. About 16 miles east of Eugene just west of Veneta. OR I observed a large, low flying aircraft. It was so low that I could see it clearly. It was painted a dark gray/green with no clear insignia markings.

Let me give a brief history, I'm a military brat, air force, that has seen most of the modern jets up close, starting with the 1950 ones on the base in Tuscon, AZ. Walked through many of them and watched them at various altitude. The low flying jet was producing a contrail all across the back of the wing. I could make out the engines on the wings and they were not producing any vapor. This craft was at 5000 [feet] or less, because of the size of the craft I saw. It was flying approximately south east to the northwest and continued out of sight, I had stopped to observe this from a vantage point that allowed me to see a large portion of the sky. I got back in my vehicle and proceeded east on highway 126 still observing  its flight north. This area is a panarmic of the whole sky because there is Fernridge lake and wet lands that have very few trees.

I proceeded to Eugene to do my errands, at the time arround noon to one o'clock. I was traveling through the north part of Eugene when I noticed a set of thick contrails above the town. I stopped at 26th and Freindly St. I stopped and got out of the truck and watched for about 15 minutes as several jets made x's in the sky. Then anouther jet came in from the northeast and made a loop over Eugene and left heading south east. All leaving thick contails. They were at a higher altitude. There was a jet higher up making a thin contail that disappeared as so as it was made.

The low flying jet was just west of the Eugene Airport and was probably picked up on there radar. Maybe you could inquire about getting the records and findig out the flight record number."

J. writes: "On Monday 3/14/99, sometime between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. I spotted a big X in the sky on the east side of my house and about 2 - 4 miles south of my house.  I live is South East Eugene. I thought this strange as in the three and a half years I have lived here, I have never seen a contrail from a plane in that area and also have never seen one crossed like that.  Though 62, I am like a little kid and always notice the contrails when I am driving, (I can follow them home) or in the yard.  It was a beautiful afternoon and I went into the garden to just prune a bush.  The sky was so blue and it was sunny, I ended up working in the yard till after it turned dark.  The contrails from the regular planes are at a higher altitude  running North to South in straight lines and are always further West from my home.  It wasn't in the normal flight pattern. Another difference was that it didn't dissipate like the regular contrails, it seemed to be there much longer.  I'd look up and it seemed like it was almost still in the same spot.


S. writes: "Hi....after listening to the Wm Thomas stuff re contrails....I began to get very concerned...I have  seen a lot of these over Oregon...especially in the past week.   Not only does it concern me that  I have actually seen these trails....but I have been outside looking at them and smelled a most intersesting and specific smell....the smell of burning fuel was all over.  It was around after the sky markings.  

In the last 2 weeks there have been a lot of sky markings and most interesting my patient population with complaints of severe upper respiratory ailments has escalated.  Patients are swearing they haven't been exposed to anyone who has had a "cold or flu" and they just wake up inb the morning with a high temperature, sore throat, general muscle aches and a productive  cough.  Several patients have gone to local emergency rooms with "fever of unknown origin".   It doesn't seem that there is much we can do about hope is that our sprayers have a  limited amount of humanity to do this with the intention of perhaps boosting the populations resistance to airborne pathogens rather than merely using us as test animals


T. writes: "I am a 48 year old female, and a  resident of Harbor, Oregon (the southwestern corner of the state) only about 6 miles from the California Border. Although I do not have a camera, and cannot photgraph them. We have had these contrails twice in this area that I know of. The first time, I had flu/allergy type symptoms for two weeks. Now with the second onslaught of these contrails, I and other people have other funny symptoms. I have had diarreha for three days now and although I have mild arthritis in my hands, since these things have been in the sky, I have hurting and aching all over and have had to use linament several times a day on my  hands and other extermities, so that I can function. I also have had sudden and unexplainable lapses of memory and trouble focusing and concentrating on my work, ( I own a small business).

Our local newspaper wrote an article ridiculing people's concern about the contrails and then said some demeaning remarks about late night talk show hosts and "conspiracy theorists".  Well I don't need anybody to tell me that I am not physically ill because of this, because I am."

Resident writes: ""On March 16, 1999, 10:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. on first clear day of year, two jets began making large oval contrails which crossed to form X's. Contrails coalesced to occlude sky with haze, which lasted all day. Magnified photographs show each plane squirting two bands which formed one contrail as seen from the ground. Skin felt oily after spray, some noticed slight "sweetish" smell.

Citizens called police and Coast Guard, who say they can see nothing, even as the sky is being covered with contrails. We are a town of approximately 5,000, with basically no jets flying over. Newspaper editorial mocks "paranoid" concerns.

March 19, suspect spraying upwind to southwest out over Pacific Ocean. Sprays target population and unpolluted forest areas to east. Suspect spraying since November 1998, above continually overcast skies. Can hear them but not see them.

March 17, suspect spraying above "cloud" cover upwind to southeast.

March 4, 1999, two C-135 tankers, unmarked, gray, barely cleared coastal hill, dropped to 400 feet, tight nose to tail formation, and out to ocean (2 p.m.). Sighted again several days later. Many here also ill with "flu" off and on since November. Some freak "heart attack" symptoms in healthy younger individuals. In days following spraying, heard complaints of sore or burning throat, brain fog, lightheadedness, eyes burning, etc."   



P. writes: "I am writing to you from Shillington, Pennsylvania, a suburb of reading about 1 hour northeast of philadelphia.  I read the report from the locomotive engineer and believe i saw the same effect which i noticed at approximately 10:30 am unfortunately the date eludes me it was a wednesday though.  At the time i paid little attention other than to note it and point it out to my girlfriend. 

The very next day art bell had so kindly put your website on his links page, since then i have watched the sky and the net for more info.Well i was rewarded, if i can call it that, when i returned home at  approximately 6:30 pm april 5th. the eastern sky looked as if it had a light cloud cover that was not there when i had left at 6:00 pm.  Again i would have ignored it had there not been a long cloud that started almost directly over my house, and continued to the east.  As i followed it with as far as i could see i noticed that it was a contrail and not a clould.  The best description i can give of its shape was snake like.  As i continued scanning the skys in the east i counted no less than 15 more contrails  in the distance. 

I continued watching the sky and actually saw several jets making more trails.  These new trails were of two shapes one perfectly straight, the other the curving pattern i had seen with the first trail. The interesting  thing was every jet that made a new trail was going from west to east and barely visible until the contrails started forming behind them allowing me to follow there movement. 

The jets continued these maneuvers until it was too dark for me to continue to see anything at approx 8:15 pm.  I took no photos this time but as they seem to be doing this more often i will attempt to send you some in the future."

B. writes: "We have now seen contrails twice in the skies over northwest PA, and western NY.  Both occured on Wednesday afternoons starting around 3:00 PM and continuing until 4:30 -5:00 PM.  The 1st incident occured on 3.17.99 and the 2nd was this afternoon.  In both incidents there were numerous (20+) contrails that spread out to form an overlying haze.  Weather was sunny with no clouds in the sky prior to the contrials on both days. Aircraft were observed 1 hour prior to the unusual contrails leaving normal contrails. Various aircraft were seen leaving the unusual contrails from horizon to horizon, other aircraft in the area were producing normal contrials (once with dissipating contrials).  The aircraft that were producing the unusual contrails were all flying the same basic headings, from the northwest to the southeast, and vice versa. 

A witness writes: "I am a locomotive engineer for Conrail here in central PA. This morning on my regular mail-train run from Newark NJ to Hagerstown MD, my conductor and I witnessed something that absolutely staggered, and I might add frightened us. At 9a.m. heading west into Lebanon PA (just east of Hershey- home of the chocolate bar) we noticed an amazing amount of contrails in the southern sky with jet after jet running in an east-west pattern. Over the next hour and one-half and 40 miles (we were running at reduced speed due to traffic and signal malfucntions) we witnessed 5 and 6 jets at a time with new ones bringing up the rear from the east at approx. 5 minute intervals crisscrossing and literally covering the sky with contrails. We saw DOZENS AND DOZENS of jets, and countless contrails that expanded into cloud cover. We saw contrails that literally started to 'drip' down toward the earth, as if they were too heavy to stay airborne. We saw a years worth of contrails in an hour and a half. It was very, very bizarre. I have 24 years on the railroad and have been over this mainline thousands of times and have NEVER seen anything even remotely close to what we witnessed today. (we did take pictures, my conductor had his 35mm with him). As a student pilot, I also know that the wind in this area is predominately out of the northwest, which would take that cloud cover southeast into Philadelphia. Wouldn't lots of people be outside on this warm sunny day for the St. Patricks Day Parade????

We saw the sun rise this morning to a crystal clear sky with no haze and not a cloud in sight until we hit central PA. The sky to the south was one great mass of contrails spreading into cloud cover. Unfortunately at Harrisburg we make a turn to the south and as we got to Shippensburg (40 miles south of HBG) the sky was completely covered (with the bright sun shining through) with clouds that had east-west lines all through them. It was so unsettling, I lost my appetite for my lunch and I NEVER do that."

Dedgehall writes: "On Jan. 11 1999 from about 1:00 PM till dark I observed the phenomena over the Martinsburg/Roaring Springs PA area. As many as five aircraft were visible at one time. Altitude approximately 10,000 feet. I plainly observed two aircraft flying in a military "Leader-Wingman" formation laying thick persistent contrails. This type of formation has one aircraft slightly forward and to the side of the other. In this case the wingman was behind and to the left of the leader. I estimated the horizontal spacing between the aircraft to be between 1000 and 2000 feet. The sky was clear, except for the affected area. I was up wind of the display and experienced no physical symptoms. The scene was severely backlighted and photographs taken did not come out."

C. in Pottstown writes: "A few days ago I was looking at the nuclear power plant. I usually just glance up at it once in a while when i noticed an unusual pattern in the sky.  I am used to seeing these trails over Limerick, but the other day, there was a large number of them and they didn't dissapear like they usually do.  They were there for hours.  I didn't think anything of it untill my dad game me the web site of art bell.  Now after reading all these sightings and information, Ii wonder what the trails really are.  I don't recall if they were in specific shapes or not."



DC writes: "I have seen them all over the skies in Spartanburg SC.  I didn't believe it at first so I started watching and a they are far too numerous to count." 

L. writes [a former pilot]: "After reading all the information on your site I feel much better.  I thought for a while I was seeing things.  I am sorry I didn't have a camera with me, but I intend to carry a good 35 mm camera with me at all times in the future so as to document what I have seen. On or about March 9, 10 or 11, 1999, I viewed similar tic tack toe contrail formations with a type of border around them and in addition to them, toward the foothills of the Smokeys, I viewed contrail formations that looked like asterisks.  There were 3 or 4 of these formations over Powdersville, Easley and Greenville, South Carolina and stretched toward Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Next, several people that I know, including my youngest daughter and her two children, experienced sore throats, and difficulty in breathing and tight chest congestion.  They lived directly under some of the heaviest concentration of these designes.  Some people in the area that have asthma had a fit for a few days. I could barely see the airplane(s) with the naked eye, but I could see it weaving these patterns.  They were exact; just like the old time "sky writers."  Smoke on/Smoke off.  There were two planes flying in different directions making the various patterns and as others have said, these formations remained in place much longer than normal high altitude jet contrails.  They did get wider as they lost altitude.  It was so vivid that I called a friend of mine who has observed such contrails himself in the past month."


C. writes: "Elk Point was sprayed yesterday [April 28].  I was driving at 5:30pm and saw 3 parallel lines in the sky, the plane turned with no spray, then the spray was back on as he made an S an honest to God S in the sky.  Everytime it turned the spray was shut off, then turned back on to resume the parallel lines.  Then, the plane started going perpendicular across the lines to make a grid."

M. writes: "My family lives in Knoxville.  Yesterday afternoon [March 19] we left the house about 6 pm to go to supper.  We noticed a bunch of planes flying in a tic tac toe pattern laying down trails that kept getting wider and wider until they all merged into what appeared to be an overcast sky.  We went into Sam's for a half hour or so first, and when we came out the air smelled funny, and our eyes, noses, tongues started burning.  In addition, my wife, who is very sensitive to any organic solvents, exposed skin and forehead started burning and itching.  We all immediately got headaches, and rushed home to drink a bunch of ozonated water and colloidal silver.  That seems to work very well on most everything, but my wife had to take two consecutive baths to stop the itching, and even now she still is itching and burning somewhat.

The strange thing is that the contrails dropped to ground level over about a 1 to 2 hour period.  That is impossible for water vapor, that can only happen with substances that have a lower vapor pressure than water, such as oils.  Then in another hour it was gone; all the fog was gone.  When the fog was at ground level, the humidity was LOW.  That can't happen with normal fog either, if you have fog it has to be near 100%.  That can only happen with an aerosol of oil or something other than water.

I don't know what this poison is that the government is sparying on the cities, but I am calling my congressman Monday and demand that they stop.  I know what poison feels like, and there is no doubt that they are spraying poison.  Can't say if there are infectous bacteria or viruses in it though, since we took the colloidal silver which kills most anything.  if we haden't we would probably be in the hospital emergency room with hundreds of others."

Anne writes: "The strange trails in the sky (just like the pictures at your web site) are over Tennessee today [March 18]. I noticed them at 3:00 PM. I saw 4 jets in the air at the same time all going the same way. West to East and 3 from South going North. At one time I saw 7 trails in the air. I continued to watch the jets make the trails for approximately. 20 minutes. I saw another strange thing at this time. I saw a tiny black dot in one of the trails. I watched it for several seconds and determined it was traveling East to West. Then it seamed to completely stop or else turn toward me so I could not tell if it was moving or not. It changed directions at least 3 times. I thought it might be a large bird coasting on the air current but, the last time I saw it, it seamed to turn back to the south and then I saw what I thought was a flash of light like the sun reflecting off something. Then nothing. It was gone. What is going on in the sky?"
V. writes: "I  live on Millersville, TN which is just outside of Nashville and just south Sumner County and have recently been sick with strep/flu-like symptoms. My symptoms included burning and itchy eyes along with strep and open sores in my mouth and very thick mucas, the treatment was antibiotics. I got sick with this at the beginning of March and I am still not completely over the illness. I have noticed the chem-trails over Nashville since the July of 98 on some days there at least 50 trails visiable over Nashville and usally ended with a hazey overcast and cloudy day. There were so many chem-trails in the sky my 10 year old son joked that we were under attack HE MAY BE RIGHT!"

C. writes: "If not already reported and mapped, add Ft. Worth, TX to the list of the busy weekend. I know contrails have been reported in Dallas, about 35 mi. east. On Apr. 16, driving from the north, toward my home north of FW, I saw multiple strip-like "clouds" which spread into the cloudiness so often described. I noted them because they were isolated in the
otherwise vast, bright blue sky."

J. writes: "Numerous  contrails are still happening in El Paso.  On April 5, 1999 (Tuesday) @ about 6pm planes were laying down contrails that were criss crossing the sky and from one horizon to the other.  On this day 2 X's were in the sky one in the East,  the other in the West. Friday  April 8th I was on my way home from lunch and noticed an extremely large "X" centered about El paso and Ft.Bliss.  They didn't spray anything else just one large "X". I have some GREAT photos of an unusual heavy day of contrails from March 20th.  The skies were absoluteley clear earlier in the afternoon and by early evening They had  crissed crossed the whole sky with these "things"."
Quailrun writes: "Area between Waco [Texas] and Brownwood and the Dallas area were VERY HEAVILY sprayed today....multiple planes, high altitiude... all day long. Took 2 1/2 rolls of film and some video...West Central Texas has been sprayed on March 1,2,5,6 & 9 and 18 of 28 days in February.  Report of black chopper spraying something over Burnette, Texas last week....was hospitalized with respiratory failure last Aug/Sept...due to this mess so try to keep up on all articles and posts."

Quailrun writes: "HEAVILY SPRAYED TUESDAY THE 9th [March]  ...sprayed the 10th, 11th, & 12th...then again heavily on Tuesday the 16th , again yesterday... Several HERCS on misc days and nights...also jets "dog fighting"  mornings & nights."

P. writes: "Greetings,  I was listening to Art Bell last night and logged on to see you site.  Some interesting information from Central Texas...we live in Marble Falls...50 miles north of San Antonio, many air force types there, and 45 miles west of Austin.  Recently both myself and my daughter got the strangest illness..we developed sores in our mouth, tongue, and throat.  It was so painful that we could hardly swallow. Went to Dr. and of course gave antibotics..helped me some but not her. The terrible sores lasted three weeks!!! Then mine turned into a major sinus infection that was so bad that I could hardly see....never in my life has I had such a thing and never have had a sinus infection... Took six weeks to get better. 

Then the strangest thing began to happen up here.  We raise horses and buy and sell...we began to notice that the  tails, yes the tails of the horses started to stand out from the bottom.. the hair just started to spread out like some electrical force...then some of our horses got terrible colds, and infectious green stuff like my we find a major outbreak of "strangles" in the area..Strangles is a horse sinus infection that eventually can choke them..the infection comes out eventually under the chin of the horse. Some do not survive and strangle to death.  The vet told us that there was a MAJOR outbreak in the area and some stables are quarantine.  Never had such a thing since I have been here in Texas.  Did have that disease in Minnesota however once.  Very rare and strange." 



M. writes: "I'm a 47 year old Christmas tree contractor living in Corvallis, Oregon. My wife and I just got back from a 3 week vacation to the SW. We were at a KOA type trailer campground the night of April 21 in Blanding Utah and left the next morning for Capital Reef Natl Park. As we climbed slowly out of the valley we watched and took photos of up to 100 contrails in X and crosshatch patterns that persisted, spread out and developed into a haze that descended to the ground behind us. The final photo I took behind us as we left the lower elevation shows a brownish grey layer on the horizon and mist in the lower areas. The jets doing the flying almost looked as though they would collide as they laid out their patterns. Apparent passenger jets at about the same altitude had contrails that disappeared inside a minute. The weather was perfectly clear besides what the contrails had spread out and become."


C. writes: "We have been seeing these jets flying and leaving contrails in our area for over the past few months.  A friend from Montana brought to my attention and that is when we first noticed them.  We live in a very rural area and the closest major airports are 2 hours away. Montreal, Canada and Burlington, Vt. The patterns left are just like the ones on the web site.  Today for example we counted as many as 50 or more jets. Many people have been sick and at one point our local hospitals were at capacity."


D. writes: "Today  3/19/99 I observed from my front lawn many many contrails being made by what looked like only one airplane.  Some were in the x pattern but many more were just lines and circles in the sky.  I first noticed them at 2 pm when they were already in progress and the sky was filled with contrails. At 6:30pm  as it is nearly dark you can still see them.  They spread out and become like clouds.  Near the horizon the sky is entirely white from the contrails spreading out and merging together.  Don't these pilots ever question what they are being ordered to do?.  After all they  probably live around here and are subjecting their families to this stuff too.  Whatever it is I do not believe it can be anything good.  The contrails were over what looked like part of James City county and Charles City county Virginia.  I have noticed this happening more and more in the last couple of weeks, but nothing like today.  This was a very high concentration of whatever it is that was being sprayed from this plane. These contrails today were being made only 30 to 60 miles from Richmond which is the state capitol.  What do you suppose our Govenor thinks when he looks out the window and sees all these contrails.  God only knows."

J. writes: "I am a resident of Midlothian, Virginia, located about 8 miles southwest of Richmond. Throughout February and March, I have noticed strange contrails in the sky to the West.  This winter, my son and I have been sicker than ever before.  I have been battling walking pneumonia and my son has had constant congestion and periods of intense itching throughout the winter. Today, I watched as 3 planes spread their contrails in the western sky.  I also noticed a silver disc flying into one of the contrails, hovering motionless for a period of ten minutes, and then fly away, straight north, at a very high rate of speed.  Within 45 minutes, the contrails had formed a thick pattern of clouds just about the horizon.

I am an elementary school teacher and my students have constantly been sick throughout this winter.  On two consecutive days, when the contrails were their heaviest, I had 9 students sick and home with flu like symptoms."



DB writes: "Spokane, Washington  April 7, Wednesday evening drove to Kellogg Idaho from Coeur d'Alene Idaho to retrieve some paper work for my mother who was in the hospital in Spokane.  Left Kellogg, some 40 miles away from Spokane, at sundown (approx 6:30 or so) got to the Cataldo Mission and noticed long north south contrail from horizon to horizon (as if it were a starting line), from there there were about 8 contrails leading away from that north south line and heading west over Spokane. These contrails were about 25-40 miles in length. I stopped to take a picture but the little 35mm panaramic camera I had in the car was out of film.  As I got closer to Coeur d'Alene, which was my destination, more of the contrails were being formed, maybe by two planes, it was hard to tell.  They appeared to start from the north and worked their way south with mostly parallel contrail lines.

In all, when it got to dark to see them, there were about 10-11 east west contrails and the one that went north and south.  The contrails were dark in color, even when the sun was shining on them, they were not white as most real contrails are.  By the time I got home, after stopping at the grocery store, it was about 8:30pm, I called a couple of TV satilite stations here in Coeur d'Alene, one didn't answer and the other one (channel 6) kind blew me off saying it was probably normal traffic over Fairchild Airforce Base.  I can tell you that was not normal, contrails usually go from horizon to horizon not from a clear starting point and when one line was finished another one was started in short order.  It was easier to see the whole thing from further away the closer I got it seemed to be just a couple of contrails you just couldn't see or get the whole picture. This is not normal it appears to be very sinister to me."

D. writes: "A plane spent the entire afternoon (at least 5 hours) Tuesday, March 16 making criss cross and X patterns over several small, close by towns, including Trout Lake, where I live.  These towns are located in south, central Washington state.  I took photos but have not had the film developed yet.  At noon the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  The plane made so many contrails that within a couple hours, the contrails drifted together causing an over cast and cloudy look. The plane did not stop until the sky was full.   I could however still see each contrail until dark.  They never evaporated and dissappeared.  This is pretty weird and scary stuff."


A witness writes: "My husband and I live in Northwest Washington, Everson, a small town outside of Bellingham, near the border.  My husband is a long haul trucker.  We have a small company and I dispatch.  My husband has been complaining for the last few years that when he comes home he gets sick and he feels better when he goes out on the road.  I was begining to think he was nuts?????  He visited the Doctor in Lynden, Wa. several times over the course of the years and still this " illness" lingers???? 

I had to apoligize to him after he told me to go online today and listen to Art Bell's show of 3/17, last night.  WOW!!!  I heard William Thomas, who lives not far from me tell of seeing rainbows.  Well guess what last summer we got an above ground pool last summer.  I saw the con trails while relaxing in the pool...When I wore my sunglasses I saw those rainbows....When I went into the house and changed glasses again I didnt see the rainbows only contrails....Now I like rainbows and I had commented to my husband I had seen one.  He said right in this sunny sky...sure!!!  Well now I understand what it was...

Also...check this out I have had SPINAL MENINGITIS.....They never did find out where I got it?????  I am diabetic and practice tight control.  My levels had been steady for quite a while and were controlled with oral meds only.  Well last summer my sugar went low I had to go to the hospital overnight.....Never found out why?????  Now the summer is over and I am not outside soaking in whatever they were dropping and my sugar takes a Giant leap and is very high.  I currently am taking 14 units a day of insulin....what happened???  No one can figure out why my sugar has been so weird.  I have had trouble with my feet and colds and repiratory problems constantly since last summer...before I moved here I never had "sinus" problems before.  I believe...I have seen the rainbows and con trails and am feeling the effects......Keep up the good work...."


S. writes: "Just to let you know.  The contrails are here is Spokane Wa. also.  Yesterday, March 18, 1999 I was watching the planes do their thing.  They started around 9:50 am and went on for about 40 minutes.  When my husband got home we both said at the same time "did you see them?"  I was at my friends place on a bluff for the day and she saw them also.  The weird thing about this is, where she lives, the air force has an area where their military practice jumping from helicopters.  My friend made the comment that she thought it was weird there was not any practing being done, and they usually do so on nice days like we were having.  No wind, no rain, no snow.  So I am wondering if they don't allow any jumping practice when there are contrails being made.  It would make sense to keep the jumpers away from chemical sraying being done.  I have seen many times the helicopters and jumpers while at her place, and in bad weather no less.  All through this winter I have witnessed this happing while at her house for the day.  Now on a truly nice day, NO PRACTICE AT ALL.  Makes me wonder. 

The contrails criss-crossed and the area from where I was watching this, I would say they were spraying from Couer D' Alene Idaho to at least Davenport Wa.  This is a distance of close to 60 miles.  We have Fairchild Air Force Base just outside of Spokane.  I have seen some weird things with their helicopters also.  You don't even know there is one there until it is right over you almost.  The base is a KC-135 tanker base, but they do have jets also.  Not sure what type, but I can find out. 

I did not have my camera with me or I would have taken pictures.  I have also seen the contrails in January and shorty there after the emergency rooms were full of people, sick and the doctors don't know what is wrong with them.  We have seen these contrail for some time and I often wondered what the deal was.  Before there was maybe one jet or two that left them, but the contrails were far apart.  Not now.  They are close together, and crossing each other.  I really would like to know where they jets come from and what their mission is."



Concerned writes: "I'm here in Falling Waters, WV and have watched the skies over my area become completely covered with trails.  All through after family and I watched and wondered.  I'm 2 hours from DC. The trails have become fewer lately........the windy days here may have something to do with that.  Will try to get some photos."



G. writes: "I thought this was all a lot of bunk until I started noticing these strange things going on in the sky. I live on the outskirts of  Appleton,WI. Every night for the last 8or9 months at approx 6:30  I have seen major contrails over our city and to the east. Then lots of people  including my sis and  my daughter have become very ill. Where I used to be able to get in to see my Dr in a day or two,now takes months to get an appointment. No one seems to be getting any better. My sister said she had gone to our local nutrition store,which seldom has more than 2 cars in the lot at any one time,and she could hardly get in the door because of all the sick people that were there to get some kind of relief.  Sunday morning 4/25/99 I noticed jet trails starting at 8:45 they continued until approx 3:45 in the afternoon weaving a wall of wispy clouds over  town .Today there were more."

J. writes: "A friend pointed out what she called "chemtrails"  in Verona WI, right outside of Madison.  Friday, April 23rd at 7pm.  Huge massed of "clouds"  as  well as criss-crossing and parallel paths.  Thought you'd like to be aware of
Eyewitness accounts over at The Millennium Report from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan.