...over Las Vegas, Nevada



Those are unusual "contrail" grids over the MGM GRAND HOTEL. Tony reports seeing them on his vacation March 8th in Vegas. He says: "They were taken the last day that my wife and I were in Las Vegas. In my opinion it definitely was not an air show. I watched people walking around on the streets down below seemingly oblivious to what was going on in the sky. The pictures were taken at around 8:30 a.m. I could see McCarran airport from my window at The NewYork NewYork hotel and watched normal passenger planes come and go.  The planes leaving the contrails were flying at a much higher altitude than  the passenger planes, and with no apparent purpose to me other than to leave grid like patterns across the sky. They weren't performing any special aerial manuevers, or stunts, they were just simply criss crossing back and forth across the sky.  I would watch them go from one side of the sky, then turn around and start heading the other direction. I counted at least 6 airplanes at one time leaving contrails, and there could have been more on the other side of the hotel out of my view."