...over Cadillac, Michigan 



SOLSTICE WRITES: "How low can humanity go?  I am sure that the answer would not surprise many.  While most people were out sharing the day with their mother and their family, others were quite busy as evidenced by these photos.  Apparently whoever is responsible for this toxic spraying thought it would be a good day to catch the maximum number of citizens outdoors enjoying family events.  When I got up this morning and saw the "unexpectedly" clear skies and warm temperatures, I told my children that we would be staying indoors today and there would be no mothers day picnic. I was expecting this, and I was not disappointed.

The day was going well, no "sky decorations", so we opened a few windows and kept a watch.  At about 2:30 est we ran in to town to the store.  While in the store we noticed quite a large amount of white fuzz blowing by the store windows.  We attributed this to some kind of pollen before we saw what was up in the sky outdoors.  We were in the store for about 45 minutes and when we came out we were treated to a sky full of chemtrails (contrails that do not dissipate but rather puff up and eventually turn into clouds), lovely X patterns and more gridwork in the making, and at least 3 white jets that were visible laying more trails.  On the one trail that seemed to dissipate we watched the jet go back and fly right through it again laying
a new and fresh trail.

Activity has been heavy here for the past few weeks, as is evidenced by another outbreak of nasty respiratory virus's and the "not-flu"- flu (as my doctor calls it).  How long is this going to go on before we finally get some answers?