...over Nashville, Tennessee 



MICHAEL WRITES: "I live in Lakewood, TN which is just over some hills from Nashville, just to give you an idea of area. I was listening to Art Bell and the topic was these chem-trails. Well, to me it was all a hoax...until it happened to me! One of those things that you don't believe until it does happen to ones self. Well, I started watching the skies over my house and to my, very much, surprise...there they were. The now famous 'X's in the sky. The clouds that formed afterwards...WOW! This is real!! Well, I shortly there after got sick. I was out of work for 4 days. The diagnoses was: Bronchitis with acute asthma...I have "none" of these traits that run in my family...this got me really watching the skies now and listening closer to others and reading material on this subject.

View his "Chem-cam" website here.