...near Phoenix, Arizona 



FRAN writes: "April 18, 1999 @ 0900--Going outside I was greeted by the newly sprayed chemtrails in these photos.  The two looking through the trees were toward the East, the large X was West and the many long trails were South.

Unfortunately, I was not as informed via the internet as I am now because I think I was pretty blasted with the fallout--have been sick with all the "usual symptoms" that I'm reading about. Also, that afternoon I was cleaning leaves from the pool and I noticed "oil" floating on top of the water--I didn't know then what it was, but now I do--not good. Phoenix was sprayed April 18 through April 21.

Wednesday, April 21 was very busy.  Planes criss-crossed and made so many chemtrails that the sky became that ugly haze. I snapped a few photos and will send them when developed. I'm wondering why more people in Phoenix are not reporting nor taking pictures of these awful spray days."