...over Tennessee


Understand, this is all purely my own speculation (and may very well be wrong), but I thought I'd toss it out there and see. It seems possible that these two potentially weather-related phenomena might tie together...


A very diligent and sharp-eyed webmaster named Flash has a website, Flash1, devoted to collecting anomalous radar images around the U.S., and he's been seeing quite a few lately. As he says: "While looking at different weather-servers I kept running into radar images that for some reason are never shown on the local six o'clock TV weather."

The radar image you see below is from his website, and originated on March 11, 1999. It clearly shows an inexplicable, circular radar-return originating inside Tennessee. (Another radar anomaly website can be found at:

Now then, to the contrails -- which just so happen to have been quite prevalent over Tennessee during that same time-frame. Observe, as this Tennessee resident gives his account:

SBurton writes: "Week of 3/7 to 3/12 1999 Tennessee ( east & central ) I have first hand reports from central and east Tennessee areas of persistent CON/CHEMtrails and illness. Hospitals in Sumner Co. near Nashville swamped & turning people away. Hospitals in Anderson Co. ( my home co. ) 7 to 12 hour wait has been typical. Schools closed for several days. Illnesses include strep/flu like, accompanied by high fever open sores in mouth and respiratory problems. Contrail delivery consistent, filmed again yesterday as they built a huge weather system that is now delivering heavy snow today sat March 12. I also filmed ( 8mm ) a black chopper over me in downtown Clinton, TN, yesterday. Could it be because I turned over my test results to William Thomas re: what is in my system, along with filmed evidence of CON/CHEMtrail delivery as well as toxic fog? Find out Wednesday when William reveals this and alot more on Art Bells show. William will be the spokesperson for us all on this complex issue, on this show. Many great Citizens working together continue providing answers and documentation to a serious problem. Done out of our own pockets, with nothing to gain but TRUTH !! Only by public outrage will WE be able to stop the madness ! Now you must begin to ask yourself: Will I be part of the problem or part of the solution. The sin of silence could be deadly to you and your family!!"

Radar anomaly, 3/11/99 over Tennessee: