...over Victoria, BC, Canada 

(April '99)


MR F. WRITES: "Hello, I'm from Victoria, BC, Canada and have been noticing a lot of contrail activity recently.  Mainly because it's been clear blue skies.  I noticed a lot last summer but didn't have a camera and now I carry one with me all the time and have taken a few pictures lately. A few of my friends are sick and they say that they have the flu..."

This was taken April 15, 1999 at about 6pm PST (a boomerang shape):


This is the same one but showing the back part of it:




This was taken further on down the road:

This was taken April 16, 1999 in the morning around 9am PST, I saw this
while going to work which I believed was sprayed a few hours earlier:

This was taken at about 2pm PST same day,
this time while the airplane was going by:



This is the back part of contrail and as you can tell...
it's falling down pretty fast!!:



This is a point further on back:


This is the front with the plane:


This one was unbelievable! It took about 40mins or so to fall and spread out!!