...over Covington, Georgia 



J. writes: "They were all taken the evening of 5-2-99 between 7:30 and 8:00 pm.  I'll be sending along the 5-3-99 "blitz" photos later, this is just the warm-up act.  The one photo showing what appears to be a "shadow" across a wide contrail is odd.  At first I thought it was caused by a crepuscular ray (sun during sunset), but it's not in the right place for this explanation.  I found the way these "contrails" deteriorated was unusual, with bright knots trailed by streamers.  I witnessed a 4-engine jet aircraft laying down 3 trails, one of which came from its tail, and two from the wings (yes, all four engines were on the wings).  On the 3rd, I saw two higher aircraft producing normal contrails that quickly dissipated behind them, while witnessing 15 + trails at lower altitudes that lingered for an hour. 

P.S. :  Has anyone ever reported problems with animal life downwind of these events?"

 NOTE: More Covington photos from March 17 can be seen here.