...from Colorado to Nebraska

(4/15 thru 4/18)




April 28, 1999, By Gary Calhoun
(see Gary's other Colorado report at this link).


Thursday, April 15, 1999
A Trip to Lincoln, Nebraska . . . Strange Weather and Stranger Clouds . . .

During a recent family trip from Denver, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska, I traveled through some of the strangest weather that I have ever witnessed. We left Denver during a brief clearing between two major snowstorms. Most of the trip, through northeastern Colorado, was punctuated by strange, highly variable weather consisting of high winds, sunshine, rain, and snow, sometimes happening simultaneously and spaced at very short geographic intervals. Looking around while driving, we could see almost every type of weather, all happening at the same time in different places within view.

I saw the strangest cloud formations that I had ever seen, consisting of a mixture of real and synthetic clouds. (Synthetic clouds or chemclouds are the product of jet aircraft chemtrails.) The chemclouds were present in various sizes and shapes. Their colors were in varying shades of white, gray, and black. The chemclouds were seen alone or dispersed throughout the real clouds.

It became apparent to me that I was seeing two distinct classes of chemclouds, sparse ones and dense ones. The sparse, white chemclouds are easily recognized, having a wispy, thinly dispersed or streaky appearance. This is the same texture that is seen in a fresh chemtrail that has expanded into a thin film.

The picture below of sparse chemclouds was taken on Interstate-76 between Brush and Sterling, Colorado. The clouds are thin, translucent, and quite irregularly shaped.

The dense chemclouds look quite different. They are opaque and may also be oddly shaped but are not as formless as the sparse variety. This type of chemcloud will frequently form into lengths that are disproportionate to its other two dimensions. This is especially true of the larger ones. They are sometimes huge, reaching gigantic proportions. When they get quite large they look ridiculously long and unnatural. When viewed together with natural white clouds, their dingy, off-white coloration will also set them apart from the real clouds.

The picture below was taken on Interstate-76, between Sterling, Colorado and the Nebraska state line. It includes an example of a huge, dense chemcloud. The end of this monstrous cloud can be seen in the upper foreground. The part that cannot be seen was quite massive and extremely long. The clouds appearing in the background are mostly natural ones with chemclouds scattered among them.

Is the dense version of chemcloud associated with the absorption of water vapour, or is it simply composed of the chemtrail material in a highly condensed state? Notice the fringes of the chemcloud in the above picture. They are wispy and thin but the inner portions appear very dense.

The many small chemclouds, seen in shades of black and white, were certainly the oddest thing I saw on our journey. I noticed some of these chemclouds turning dark as I watched them, while others in close proximity remained white. As they darkened they also became more opaque.

The picture below was taken within 1 mile of the previous photograph. This picture shows a white chemcloud on the left and a black one on the right. When I first noticed the pair, the left one was brilliant white and the right one was black. Before I could stop the car and snap the picture, the left one rapidly began turning gray.

The picture below was taken on Interstate-80 west of Ogallala, Nebraska. It shows several small, sparse chemclouds that have turned black, presumably due to moisture absorption. When these clouds become black, they look strikingly unnatural. The one in the foreground that appears largest was nearby and only about the size of a large truck. Numerous small chemclouds, in shades of gray, can be seen in the lower background along with real clouds. A long dense chemcloud can be seen in the upper left part of the frame.

The picture below was taken near Roggen, Colorado. It shows a natural cloud with a dark synthetic cloud surrounding the left side of it. Is the synthetic cloud extracting moisture from the water cloud?

The picture below was taken on Interstate-80 west of Ogallala, Nebraska. It shows a very large natural cloud formation on top of a foundation of synthetic material. In this formation, the synthetic base is also very dark and also appears to be precipitating. Again I ask: Is this synthetic material absorbing moisture from the clouds above and coalescing it until it falls out as precipitation? I saw many such formations during this trip. They had an appearance of having a shaggy beard hanging from beneath them. Some of them were not precipitating and merely gave this illusion because of the stringy irregular appearance of the chemical. I started calling these formations "bearded clouds".

I have seen synthetic clouds in varying shades of white, gray and black, combined with natural clouds occurring with strange patterns of precipitation. Could these chemical clouds be moisture accumulators for the enhancement of precipitation? My observations seem to suggest this.

Some people have theorized that chemtrails and chemclouds are formulated from a polymer material. Coincidentally, I just read a news article about a new firefighting gel, developed in Jupiter, Florida. " Barricade gel is made from the same super-absorbent polymers found in baby diapers. They act as tiny, mega-absorbent sponges ..." Microscopic mega-absorbent sponges might also be the material of choice for an atmospheric coalescing pad.

Gothenburg, My Nebraska Chemtrail Sightings Begin

By the time we reached Gothenburg Nebraska, the weather was less overcast and I started seeing chemtrail activity.

The picture below was taken near dusk at Cozad, Nebraska. It also shows strange clouds together with a chemtrail that is about 20 minutes old. I saw this trail being formed earlier, when I was west of Gothenburg.

By 11:00 P.M., we arrived at a farmhouse south of Lincoln, Nebraska. The skies were overcast and the wind was still very strong. As I stepped out of the car, I detected the faint but familiar odor of the chemical clouds in the "fresh" country air. To me, this odor smells like molten polyethylene plastic or paraffin. It could also be described as having a unique "smoky" odor. I can usually detect this odor, to a greater or lesser extent, wherever I go outdoors. It snowed and rained lightly that night, the winds continued into the next morning.

Friday, April 16, 1999

It remained heavily overcast and windy throughout the day as we stayed indoors. It was reported that this area of Nebraska had received 2.7 inches of rain on Wednesday, April 14, 1999. This was the same day our Colorado snowstorms began.

Saturday, April 17, 1999

Chemtrails around Lincoln Nebraska

12:30 P.M.

The sky finally starting clearing as we drove north to Lincoln, on highway 43. I noticed a fresh chemtrail to the east, projecting overhead. Upon arrival in Lincoln, the skies were rapidly clearing. I saw a couple of jets spewing chemtrails.

3:00 P.M.

I stepped outside of the recreation center we were visiting. Numerous high altitude jets were seen spraying chemtrails throughout the skies.

The picture below was taken in Lincoln, Nebraska. An aging chemtrail is shown along with one being formed. The jet (at the arrowhead) is making the trail that starts below the cloud. The skyline is painted white with the familiar haze.

The picture below shows the ghostly silhouette of the same jet as it passed directly overhead. It was taken at maximum zoom using a Pentax 105-R. The resulting tiny image of the aircraft was scanned at 1200 DPI. I have similar photographs of several other chemtrail spraying aircraft from Denver Colorado. Some discharge two plumes, as shown below, while others produce a third plume originating between and behind the others.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

We Prepare to Return Home . . . Heavy Chemtrail Activity Throughout Nebraska

8:00 A.M.

In the morning as I stepped outside, the skies were clear of natural clouds. The skyline was extremely white with haze and had no blue tint, below a 10 degree inclination above the horizon. I noticed 4 or 5 expanding chemtrails in various places in the sky. It was a very calm morning and the trails remained for a very long time, expanding ever so slowly.

9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon

The jets were seen everywhere, traveling to the east or west, painting the sky with their chemical plumes. The chemtrails expanded and reached enormous proportions, eventually covering a major percentage of the sky with a thin, semi-transparent film. I took several photographs while at the farm, at differing times throughout the morning.

The picture below, looking east into the rising sun, shows a variety of chemtrail evidence including: heavy haze, chemclouds, chemtrails in various states of expansion and a jet heading downward over the horizon. The jet's chemical plume, brightly illuminated by the morning sun looks like a shooting star, falling toward earth. 

The picture below exhibits the chemtrails and haze looking westward.

The picture below shows a jet to the south propagating this strange substance.

The picture below exhibits chemtrails and haze while looking southward.

12:00 Noon

We began our trek homeward, toward Denver. Driving west on Interstate-80, I saw scores of the same jets traveling east or west. Throughout the entire trip, the white haze around the skyline was visible for as far as the eye could see. Likewise, the chemical clouds were everywhere. East of North Platte, Nebraska, the sky was completely blanked out by synthetic clouds. One place, west of North Platte, where the chemclouds had a comparatively sparse coverage, I saw jets traveling north and south, in addition to east and west.

Some people claim to see rainbow colors within certain chemclouds. I have also seen them. Rainbow chemclouds are sometimes seen when they are in close proximity to the sun. Most eye-witness accounts, including most of my own, mention the use of polarized sunglasses to experience this effect. West of North Platte, Nebraska, I saw some striking examples of rainbow clouds, with or without glasses of any kind. The rainbow clouds had large areas of pinkish-purple, green and orange, arranged in large blotches or bands within the cloud. A couple of clouds resembled a huge amoeba with a color blotch resembling a nucleus in the center of the cloud, the remainder of the cloud broken up into distinct wide bands, one or two of each color. As my perspective changed, making the clouds appear nearer to the sun, the colors became more brilliant.

For the entire trip home, the white haze and chemclouds were ever present, around the horizon. Traveling west on Interstate-80 and south on Interstate-76, across most of Nebraska and much of Colorado, there was nowhere to escape from the massive chemical coverage. I do not know the capacity or range of these aircraft but I sensed they must travel interstate, no place untouched by their presence! I feel that I could travel coast to coast, never seeing a sky without the ever present haze and chemical clouds created by these very strange and ambitious jet aircraft.